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Blue Artichoke Films


We want to work with men and women with a genuine desire to:

  • Work collaboratively.
  • Create engaging and sexually daring art.

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We are looking for actors and actresses who can honestly explore the psychology of characters’ sexual boundaries, whether through traditional acting exercises, experimentation during rehearsals, or by simply being brave enough to take emotional risks.

In the past we have auditioned performance artists, comedians, singers, dancers, visual artists, and television personalities, as well as experienced theater and film actors and actresses. It’s also fine if you have no traditional artistic training at all; in fact, some of our best auditions have been by sincere, open-minded regular people who believed in Blue Artichoke Films’ mission and were willing to take a risk by exploring their acting talents at the audition.

If you are thinking of auditioning, be sure to read the About section of this site to understand our approach and our beliefs. For more detailed information about what we look for in actors/actresses, please see the Actors section on the About page.

Please send us an e-mail with a simple photo or two of yourself, along with a resumé/CV if you have one available. Clothed photos are perfectly fine, but you can add nude ones if you like — we will keep these photos absolutely private. Tell us in detail what attracts you to the idea of acting in a Blue Artichoke film, and where you heard about us. Be sure to let us know in what city you’re located and to where you can easily travel. We’ll consider you for a future film, or, in selected cases, consider developing a project specifically for you. Please also check our Films page with details of roles for which we are actively seeking actors and actresses at this time, and let us know of your interest accordingly.

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We’re always looking for creative, dedicated crew members (director of photography, cameraperson, assistant director, production assistants, lights, boom operator, set design, styling, photo stills, color correction artist, sound designer, editor, music composer etc.) and assemble our team on a per-project basis, dependent on the needs of that particular film.

If you’d like to work on the next project, please send your resumé/CV, tell us why you’re interested, and let us know how you think you could contribute.