Ethics And Consent

As creators dealing with sexuality on film, we take on-set ethics and consent seriously. We want performers to feel comfortable and safe on our set, and we do everything we can to support this goal.


If you read our About section, you’ll understand the many ways in which we try to bring out the intimate side of sexuality (even in sex between strangers!) and why we love doing that. But here are some specific things we can assure you of when it comes to the comfort of our performers:


  1. Partner choice – We want to find people with chemistry together, who feel good about each other. So, naturally, the performers themselves get the last word in who they star with. We usually ask performers if there is someone special they would like to work with, and also suggest certain performers we’ve already met with and liked that we think they might click with. This is one reason our casting process is long – sometimes it takes years to get a perfect match! The casting process depends on geography and timing and the specific needs of each project, but so far all our performers have been very enthusiastic about their co-stars.



  1. Sex types and moods and message – Throughout the audition process, we find out what kind of sexual acts each performer enjoys in general, and more importantly what they think they might enjoy doing on a set like ours. We also find out what emotional tone of the sex each performer would enjoy – for example, gentle or fun or rough. And then also we ask if there anything special that the performer would like to explore on film, whether an act or a concept or a way of expressing their gender. We try to incorporate as much as we can.


  1. Safer sex – we discuss safer sex individually and together. Performers (other than fluid-bonded real-life couples, of course) complete STD tests, and with each other they disclose what they feel comfortable doing and what barriers — if any — they’d like to use. Whomever has the most conservative needs gets their wishes honored, so that everyone is comfortable. Fortunately we believe that safer sex can be extremely hot, so we think it’s a fun goal to show that.



  1. Time to rest – Our production process is radically different than most Hollywood film sets and most porn sets: We take our time. We pretty much always have more shooting days than other directors would. This gives the performers freedom to discuss ideas, take breaks, or maybe even improvise if they wish (as long as everyone sticks to agreements we’ve already made together.)


  1. Freedom to change their minds – We make it clear to our co-stars that they can opt out at any time. If they feel hesitant, we would definitely rather not film something than risk them feeling weird. Fortunately this basically never happens, but it’s nice for all of to know that our performers are as genuinely enthusiastic as we are to be there that day.

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