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Our award-winning explicitly erotic fiction film. The story: Stage actors Mariah and Daniel play lovers every night, but their onstage romance lacks spark. One slow afternoon, they discover that today’s matinée performance will make or break both their careers. Daniel wants to make big changes, and Mariah starts to wonder: are Daniel’s suggestions reasonable? Or has he lost track of the boundary between actor and character? Rushed to the stage, in front of a live audience, they must figure it out together…(read more about the film)







“Intelligent, sensual, and downright sexy… And on top of all that, it’s hot! The sex is lusty, realistic and meaningful. The orgasms are real and the two actors really do have a good time together. …What more can you ask? ”

— ForTheGirls.com


“Bell, an American expat living in Amsterdam, would have been right at home with the ancient (1970s) pornographers like Gerard Damiano and Jackie Treehorn. Her ‘Matinée’ is a high-concept and beautifully shot interlude about feelings and the artist’s process…Yes, the two of them fuck onstage, but it is the leadup and execution that make ‘Matinée'” more than a porn scene.

— Fleshbot


“Rides the line between erotica and old fashioned entertainment. …I thoroughly enjoyed Matinée…[it’s] the bees knees when it comes to quality erotica. It spans the line between porn and erotica with grace and dignity.”

— Jamye Waxman, sex educator



— Gram Ponante, Gram Ponante.com


“Revolutionary erotica…What Ms. Bell is doing is a New Wave of cinema that intersects between explicit sex and independent film, and she’s taken the whole idea of what women’s erotica might be, or what might appeal to women, and has brought a kind of poetry into it that is very rare and utterly exhilarating.”

— Susie Bright, “In Bed With Susie Bright”


[“Matinée”] shows an exciting experiment: The lead actors of a play throw away the script and improvise a love scene. Having real sex in front of an astonished audience ends up as thrilling as making love for the first time: How will each of them react to their partners’ advances? Can they get into the mood under the watchful eyes of the audience? And what on earth will the audience’s reaction be? A wonderful film, very natural and worlds away from fake porn plots and artificial bodies.

— Feigenblatt (The Fig Leaf, German erotic magazine for women)




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