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* NSFW trailer *

This award-winning explicit erotic trilogy intertwines three short stories about the carnal power of what we wear. Fun, bittersweet, surprising, and intimate, the stories may or may not be connected. It’s up to you to decide.

Available now both on DVD and digital streaming!

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In “Silver Shoes: Undressed,” AnnaBelle Lee discovers that her delicate friend (Liandra Dahl) is hiding a secret tough masculine side under her flowered clothes. In “Silver Shoes: The Housesitter,” a lonely young woman (AnnaBelle) has a surprisingly intense reaction to what she finds in the owner’s closet. And, in “Silver Shoes: Mimosa,” Liandra hosts a brunch party and one of her guests brings a handsome friend (newcomer Joost Smoss) with fabulous shiny pants…but he has a surprise in store.





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Silver Shoes features lots of intimately-shot, explicit sex. And we capture it while preserving the real-life sounds the actors and actresses make. We think nothing is hotter than hearing real arousal.



Blistering, erotic, and evocative, Silver Shoes’ sex scenes transcend traditional adult categories with their intense realism.

We’re proud that the pre-release of this film recently won the coveted “Movie Of The Year 2014” prize at the the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto! And in January 2015, Silver Shoes held its World Premiere at the London Short Film Festival, where it screened at the renowned Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. In the next two months, it has screened at film festivals from New York to Berlin to Switzerland. You can be one of the first to see it:  On DVD and instant  digital streaming!


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Official statement from the jury of this year’s Feminist Porn Awards:

“With our final category, Movie Of The Year, we pay tribute to a film that has expanded the scope of what feminist porn can achieve as well as the audience that it can speak to.  This film combines beautiful, spare production; poignant sexual exploration; real, human connection; and authentic orgasmic pleasure.  The director used a sophisticated eye to perfectly frame each touch and caress, expertly highlighting the sizzling chemistry between performers and setting it all to a narrative that explores the bittersweet connectivity and dissonance of relationships.  In other words: it’s got the total package!”


Lots of DVD extras, including:

* On-set interview with Liandra Dahl and AnnaBelle Lee
* BONUS deleted scene: Joost Smoss’s male solo scene
* Private interview with AnnaBelle Lee
* Footage and events from the Feminist Porn Awards & Feminist Porn Conference 2014
* Mini-doc about the art in Silver Shoes


The language is spoken English. Our international viewers can opt to turn on DVD subtitles for all of the following languages (in all formats):

* Dutch
* Spanish
* German
* French
* Italian
* Swedish
* Norwegian
* Danish
* English
* (None)



New: Like all our other films, you can watch Silver Shoes instantly with digital streaming (as well as DVD, of course.)


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“The characters dare to take what they want and dare to be taken if they want to. The film’s message is clear: Sex should always be fun for both parties, even if both parties don’t have the exact same needs. That’s the credo: Enjoying yourself through pleasuring someone else without anyone feeling dissatisfied, combined with a sense of curiosity and openness. The result is sex with a relaxed attitude and a lot of laughter. Tender sex without romantic kitsch, rough sex without unpleasant power imbalances. A porn film to (at the very least) make you happy.” — LOVER feminist magazine, Holland


“A big target audience – and not just composed of women – are longing for more story, foreplay, and authenticity in their erotic entertainment. An exciting example of this feminist porn comes in the form of Jennifer Lyon Bell’s new film Silver Shoes.  …  The sex is integrated into a storyline that’s worlds away from typical porn clichés like nurses and pizza delivery guys. Most noteworthy is the sexual variety – a lesbian scene, a solo masturbation scene, and a straight sex scene – and the naturalism of the sex. The actors share frequent eye contact and likeable sexual chemistry. They genuinely enjoy each other. …When they become aroused, we see a red blush rise up their neck and face. When they start to orgasm, we see it slowly begin in their quivering bodies. ”  — NRC Handelsblad, Holland



The first and only sexually explicit film ever to receive this honor: We are extremely proud that Silver Shoes was recently nominated for the Dutch national Sexology Association’s “Sex and Media Prize” (Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Vereninging Voor Seksuologie, NVVS). This award is given to the cultural artifact which has most positively influenced sexual culture in the Netherlands with its fair, balanced, and nuanced approach to sexuality. Silver Shoes is the first EVER sexually explicit film to be nominated for this award.



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