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Many of you have asked what other films you might enjoy while you’re waiting for our next Blue Artichoke Films movie to come out. Great question! So I sat down and made this little list of my #1 personal favorite filmmakers. Some of this stuff is more like ours in terms of story, others in terms of style. But all of them are ethically made, fun to watch, and very hot. They pass my personal test.

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Erika Lust is a very talented filmmaker, as well as a lovely person. You’ve probably read about her in magazines; her movies are internationally famous for their 1) great stories and 2) gorgeous productions. Truly these are great crossover films; at times the story absorbs you so much you think you’re watching an art film – but then the hot sex scene brings you back to earth! Some are a bit of fun, others are quite touching. Her newer films are all made under her XConfessions banner: Viewers submit their own personal story ideas, and Erika picks the best ones to film. Though her older films (which are also great) sometimes have dialogue and/or voiceover, her new ones ingeniously have little/no dialogue, so you can understand it no matter your language. Needless to say, her films have won long strings of awards and prizes. Her online cinema LustFilms offers members all Erika’s own movies including XConfessions, plus many great others by other directors in a wide variety of styles.



Lucie Blush is kind of a phenomenon. As well as directing and shooting her own movies — which are enjoyable, sexy, and creative — she’s also an adorable freckly person (with a seriously charming authentic French accent) who sometimes stars in her movies as well. Her friendly personality comes through in everything she makes. She documented her first sexual experience with a woman for one of her own movies, as well as her first threesome. Like Erika, Lucie is a kind and gracious person. She does her very best to create a fun and sexy space for her actors and actresses to relax and be themselves sexually, and that comes across strongly in her movies. Most of Lucie’s films are shot now on location in Berlin, where she now makes her home.



Ms Naughty is the creative force behind Bright Desire, where she directs and shoots a wide variety of clever, warm, and sexy films.  I’ve heard from lots of actors and actresses that they loved working with her and want to be in another of her movies as soon as possible. She’s down-to-earth, kind of quiet, and a great listener.   She hails from Australia, a land which is for some reason known for especially intimate and realistic.  All her films were shown recently at Porn FilmFestival Berlin’s “Filmmaker in Focus” where they honored all her work. Bright Desire films vary: Most are shorter clips with couples or masturbation and a lot of intimacy. She has one longer fiction film, and more fiction to come. And lastly, she makes unusual award-winning collaborative film shorts with her actors and actresses, like “Dear Jiz” with Jiz Lee and “Instructed” with Pandora Blake, which combine explicit imagery with voiceover in an emotional and sexy way.



Shine Louise Houston is one of the pioneers of queer sex cinema: With her first feature film, The Crash Pad, she introduced porn/erotic viewers to a new palette of personal sexual styles, body types, and gender expressions rarely seen before in porn. Shine features performers of color, differently abled performers, and people who best like having queer sex – any kind of sex that doesn’t fit into the standard pattern we’ve all come to see in hetero and faux-lesbian porn. Shine met and “discovered” some of the most famous alternative queer porn stars today, and there are tons of their clips on her site along with lots of enthusiastic first-timers. Some of her films are features, like her outstanding “Champion”, some is docu-porn (like “Bed Party,”), and a lot is just good hot sex shorts. At her site PinkLabel.tv, you can see all her own movies plus tons from other ethical filmmakers (many of whom are women).