SF/Oakland: Adorn 3x encore with “Best Of CineKink”


SF/Oakland: Adorn 3x encore with “Best Of CineKink”

The New Parkway Theater , Oakland, CA
Fri, Nov 15 2019 - Wed, Nov 20 2019

After this October's sold-out turnout of Adorn in Oakland, it's been invited with the "Best of CineKink" program for THREE more screenings this November!


“Best Of CineKink” encore screenings 3x in Oakland, California


We had heard that the October screening CineKink’s “Best of CineKink 2019” program was a huge sold-out hit.


As a result of the huge turnout, Oakland’s New Parkway theater has invited CineKink back yet again for THREE encore screenings of the “Best of CineKink 2019” program in November 2019: On Friday, November 15, 9:30 pm, Saturday, November 16, 10:00 pm, and Wednesday, November 20, 9:00 pm.


These special evenings of film celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality as specially selected by CineKink/New York, the kinky film festival often dubbed “the X-rated Sundance.” The “Best of CineKink 2019” program features award-winning selections in this sex-positive and kink-friendly showcase, ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit – and everything in between!


I’ve personally seen almost all of these films, and I can definitely recommend this  program. I’m super sad that I cannot be there in person to take questions, but I feel sure it will be a fun evening for all.


“Adorn” and “What’s Your Policy On Orgasms?”


This year, we are proud that our short experimental erotic game film Adorn was selected to tour with CineKink all over the USA and Canada — so far including Oakland/SF, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vegas, DC and Miami.


Adorn is an experimental erotic game directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell for Blue Artichoke Films, featuring brilliant music  by acclaimed folk-pop songwriter Zoe Boekbinder.

Sadie Lune and Parker Marx start the movie completely naked in Adorn, an erotic game film directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell for Blue Artichoke Films


Sadie Lune and Parker Marx murmur to each other while she strokes him in Adorn, an erotic game film directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell for Blue Artichoke Films



In Adorn, Sadie and Parker face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What’s in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, they create a love scene in reverse.


Our highly unusual film has screened at independent festivals, erotic festivals, and two dance festivals. (It’s not a dance movie — it’s 100% improvised in the moment — but it has a special dancelike quality that’s hard to explain until you se it!)


Plus, also selected for the tour is the documentary filmmaker Zoe D’Amaro’s charming short film “What’s Your Policy On Orgasms?”. “This  award-winning documentary features Jennifer’s work and shows “an intimate behind-the-scenes look of how she works with performers Sadie Lune and Parker Marx, and what it means to all of them.”


The New Parkway Theater, Oakland CA


The New Parkway Theater is a community-centered cinema and pub located in Oakland’s Uptown district. The theater offers “two screening rooms filled with loveseats, reclaimed vintage chairs, and other unique seating perfect for dates, group outings, and solo trips to the movies.

The café menu includes not only typical pub fare, but a selection of entrees, appetizers, and treats to delight omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks alike. The drink selection is expansive, and all beer and wine is sourced from within 200 miles.”


Time & Place


These are the THREE encore screenings of the “Best of CineKink 2019” program in November 2019. Advance tickets are highly recommended!



The New Parkway Theater
474 24th Street
Oakland, CA 94612


More info:

510-338-3228 (theater office)


Cost: $10


CineKink Facebook event for this 3x encore (feel free to share)



Films in “Best Of CineKink” tour 2019


Me Time

After a long work week, Deborah is exhausted and needs to relax. But she is conflicted as to how.
Directed by Iyabo Boyd, 2019, USA, 9 minutes. Stars Adenike Thomas.
(best comedy short)


The Baroness

The Baroness, New York’s premier designer of elegant and provocative latex, navigates the ever-growing world of latex fashion. Directed by Isabel Faintych, 2018, USA, 6 minutes

(best documentary short – tie)


Sweet, Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories

Takes a sweet, sweet peek into the kinky world of bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism through four different stories of intimate connection, consensual exploration, and deep self-reflection. Directed by Maggie M. Bailey, 2018, USA, 17 minutes. Stars Anonymous, Miss Wednesday, Spankbillhard, Kira Wolf Arnault, Jack and Tiffany.
(best animated short)


Remember Me

In 2017, Dr. Ralph Bruneau became International Mr. Leather (IML). As part of his step aside at IML 2018, he presented the incoming contestant class and the audience with a gift: this video short, drawing upon a musical theatre background that was unknown to many. Directed by Luis Camacho, 2018, USA, 5 minutes. Stars Ralph Bruneau.
(best musical short)


The Alley

An unexpected encounter at the laundromat… and a woman who knows what she wants.
Directed by Inka Winter, 2018, USA, 11 minutes. Stars Mr. and Mrs. Wylde.
(honorable best mention)



A night out, an old friend, and a special treat. Directed by Shine Louise Houston, 2018, USA, 7 minutes. Stars Nenna Feelmore and Barbary Rose. » watch trailer
(honorable best mention)


I Am Lucie Bee

Sex worker, artist and geek Lucie Bee invites us into her bedroom, and shows off her cosplay outfits, her comics, her sex toys and her real self.
Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2018, Australia, 13 minutes.
(honorable best mention)


Lesson #1

Boy meets Girl…and after a passionate encounter they make the mistake of comparing profiles in their dating app. Directed by Alberto Ferreras, 2018, USA, 7 minutes. Stars Shirley Rumierk and Francisco Solorzano.
(honorable best mention)


Lesson #8

A gay app hookup takes an unexpected turn, proving that the best-laid plans won’t get you laid as you planned. Directed by Alberto Ferreras, 2018, USA, 5 minutes. Stars David Fraioli and John David West.
(honorable best mention)


What’s Your Policy On Orgasms?

In this portrait of feminist porn director Jennifer Lyon Bell, she shares her views on filmmaking and allows the audience into the backstage of her latest film, Adorn.
Directed by Zoe D’Amaro, 2018, The Netherlands, 8 minutes. Features Jennifer Lyon Bell, Sadie Lune and Parker Marx.
(best documentary short – tie)



In an experimental erotic game, Sadie and Parker face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What’s in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell, 2018, The Netherlands, 28 minutes. Stars Sadie Lune and Parker Marx.  » watch trailer
(best dramatic short)




Special thanks to the sponsors of “Best of CineKink 2019”


National tour sponsors for CineKink/2019 are Bowery Bliss and njoy, along with Film Festival Secrets, FoodPorn Hub and Lustery. CineKink very much appreciates their support!

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