Blue Movies at Midnight screening features Jennifer’s films


Blue Movies at Midnight screening features Jennifer’s films

Festival cinema TBD , Hamburg, Germany
Sat, Jun 8 2024 @0:15 - 2:15

The late-late-night film program at Kurtzfilm Festival Hamburg features Wild Card, Silver Shoes, and a great documentary about Adorn.


Blue Artichoke Films late-night program


As part of the Short Film Festival Hamburg (Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg), the late night Saturday screening will feature Jennifer’s films Silver Shoes: UndressedWild Card, and a documentary showing the “making of” Jennifer’s film Adorn (“What’s your Policy On  Orgasms, dir. Zoe D’Amaro.)


Jennifer and the stars Kali Sudhra and  Bishop Black will all be there in person to present  Wild Card!


“Blue Movies at Midnight”

From the festival program:


Silver pumps, latex gloves, a deck of cards. Male, female, queer. Top, bottom, switch. What turns you on? Who are you? Do you feel like playing? Three explicit pornographic films show what porn can look like beyond the mainstream. Three different encounters, staged as fiction, documentary, framed improvisation. The program celebrates the work of director Jennifer Lyon Bell and performers Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra. And it sends the audience on an exciting journey through time. Back to the time when porn could not even be rented on VHS, but could only be seen in company. In this respect, the program is also an invitation to see porn films differently. In full length. Together with others. Perhaps this feels strange, perhaps normal or even wrong – in a normal movie theater, the films are robbed of the function for which they are usually used. But perhaps that is precisely what makes “Blue Movies at Midnight” so appealing.




Kurtzfilm Festival Hamburg


About the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, from the organizers:

Short, concise, discursive, stimulating, style-forming. The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg presents the state of the art of the short form and brings together cinema, exhibition, performative works, concerts and discourse. As one of the most renowned and important European short film festivals, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg has been screening more than 400 films every year that react to the world in loud and sparkling, quiet and poetic, wild and calm ways. This way, selected programmes present the whole range of courageous, experimental and artistic films. Film makers, industry and audiences celebrate the short form together.

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Jennifer to co-teach Porn course in Sociology at UvA

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, NL

A rare opportunity: The University of Amsterdam invites Jennifer to co-teach a Porn course in the Sociology department.

Sat, Feb 1 2025 - Wed, Apr 30 2025

Milkshake Festival 2024 ft Jennifer & Blue Artichoke Films

Westerpark terrain
Amsterdam, NL

At wildly popular queer music festival Milkshake, Jennifer will be there celebrating the power of transgressive, warm, creative porn

Fri, Jul 26 2024 - Sun, Jul 28 2024

Pride and Politics: The Art of Producing Pleasure panel discussion

Hamburg cinema TBD
Hamburg, Germany

The Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg invites Jennifer, Kali Sudhra, Bishop Black, and Undine de Rivière in conversation.

Fri, Jun 7 2024 @17:00 - 19:00

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