Filmmaker In Focus: Shine Louise Houston interviews Jennifer live


Filmmaker In Focus: Shine Louise Houston interviews Jennifer live

PinkLabel digital platform , International/virtual
Thu, Sep 16 2021 - Thu, Oct 14 2021

Jennifer and fellow award-winning adult filmmaker Shine Louise Houston chat and give you a live behind-the-scenes peek.


Filmmaker In Focus: Jennifer Lyon Bell


Join us for an unusual and improvisational evening!


Hosts: PinkLabel.TV  and Shine Louise Houston


Indie/alternative adult film platform is long one of my favorite adult film resources. PinkLabel was started by queer porn director Shine Louise Houston, one of my friends — and also one of the adult directors I can get geeky with. Shine and I always end up in dark bars in Berlin talking about narrative structures, shot design, and all the films we want to make.


Various clips from filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell


Shine has invited me for a Filmmaker In Focus all about what I’m doing at Blue Artichoke films. We’ll do a deep dive into my work, showing clips from several films:  Headshot, Matinée , Skin.Like.Sun, Wild Card, and Adorn. This is an unscripted, live, easy-to-understand conversation for folks with or without adult film knowledge, and I hope to share lots of juicy information with Shine and the audience that I wouldn’t necessarily share elsewhere.


Time & Place for the Filmmaker in Focus show


Thursday, September 16th LIVE :

Pacific: 11am

East Coast: 2pm

Central European Time: 8pm (20.00)

Recorded replay: Thursday October 14th!

Pacific 5pm

East Coast: 8pm

Central European Time: 2am (02.00)


Free with PinkLabel Plus subscription, or buy a $7 Film Pass Ticket



Playlist for Filmmaker In Focus


Headshot (2006, 8min)
A surprisingly intimate portrait of sex, accomplished without any explicit imagery. Originally inspired by the 1963 Andy Warhol film “Blowjob,” the erotic documentary “Headshot” portrays an intense, shared sexual encounter in which we see only one participant, a leather-jacketed (and, in our version, eventually naked) young man. (First-time actor Chris Brinkhof).

Matinée (2009, excerpt)
“Matinée” is a sexually explicit drama intended to bridge the gap between art film and sex film. Directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell, the film showcases Steven McAlistair (Scotland) and Alicia Whitsover (England) in their first explicit sex roles ever. Matinée takes a fresh look at what erotic film can be. It features an original musical score and careful attention to capturing the real-life sounds of sex. Real, intense and emotional, Matinée is truly erotic film for people who like film.

Skin.Like.Sun. (Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit) (2009, excerpt)
Real-life young couple Wim and Floor spend an afternoon in the sun-washed rooms of a crumbling home in Belgium. This artistic erotic documentary is edited in nearly real-time. In the slowness, we feel the build, the sweetness, and sexiness. Forget about finger-snapping fast editing. Slow is where it’s at.

Wild Card (2019, excerpt)
Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra star in this playful, improvised film inspired by an intriguing card game. Hidden around the room are playing cards, each with a surprising nonsexual body part, like “elbow.”

Adorn (2018, 30 min)
An experimental erotic game. Sadie Lune and Parker Marx face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What happens in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, there is laughing, teasing, fighting, fucking, fingering, kissing. A love scene in reverse. The pair have such enormous chemistry — and such fun — that you can hardly believe this is their first time together.





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