Goodbye_p0rn: Real-life explicit dance theater rave


Goodbye_p0rn: Real-life explicit dance theater rave

Grand Theatre , Groningen, NL
Wed, Dec 20 2023 - Thu, Dec 21 2023

This cutting-edge explicit sex/rave/art/dance/theater performance makes YOU part of the show

A cutting-edge multimedia experience


Goodbye_p0rn blends dance, performance art, theatre, music, and more into a visceral meditation on the body, sex, and queerness.


We went out dancing, visited clubs, talked for hours about promiscuity, sexuality and pornography and we put it all into what Goodbye_p0rn is becoming.

Now it’s time we open the doors of our own temporary club, a space where we can come together, free of judgement. To celebrate.

The world is taking dark turns all around us and this only makes our motivation and urgency stronger.
Softness, vulnerability and freedom of expression, we believe, can be the cure to a less polarised and extremist society.

Goodbye_p0rn is our contribution to making things a tiny bit better. And maybe we are naive in still thinking we can change the world with art, but hey try and stop us.

If you are around, if you are feeling down, if you need some love and warmth, if you need to dance off frustrations, if you need some hotness and beauty in your life, join us for the opening of Goodbye_p0rn


Goodbye_p0rn’s mission

As the creators describe it:

Goodbye_porn is an exploratory club experience about queer intimacy, club spaces and promiscuity. This rave in the making aims to explore and portray different ways we can be intimate with each other by deconstructing pornography and normative sexuality. Through moving limbs, risk taking, yet vulnerable physicalities and techno, four bodies will take you on a clubbing journey into pleasure and intimacy, by removing the shame and taboos that often follow sexuality, and inviting you to shed your own assumptions on what intimacy can be and look like.


Two premieres of Goodbye_p0rn

There will be two back-to-back premeiere of Goodbye_p0rn: One on 20.00 Wednesday December 20, and one at 21.00 on Thursday December 21. After that, the show goes on its European tour.


Jennifer as intimacy coordinator of  Goodbye_p0rn

Iacopo invited me to work with Teddy’s Last Ride to help think through the thematic intimacy sexuality and queerness ideas posed by the development of the Goodbye_p0rn performance. Over the course of six months, I led two custom workshops with the team as their intimacy coordinator. In addition to idea development, we also worked on creating the most comfortable and safe space possible for dancers and audience alike.


Aftertalk: Jennifer and Iacopo discuss collaboration

On Wednesday December 20, 2023, myself and Goodbye_p0rn choregrapher Iacopo Loliva share a chat together right after the premiere. We’ll chat about how I got involved on the project, what intimacy coordination is, and how why Iacopo invited me to collaborate with themself and the and dancers of Goodbye_p0rn. It’s been an unforgettable experience. Free with entry



Party: Post-performance rave

On Thursday December 21, 2023, following the second premiere performance, the nightclub will evolve into a real-life party. All audience are invited!


December 21th: Afterparty with RIOT
Darkest day of the year so the perfect time to go into the night with an AFTERPARTY! For this one, we collaborated with the makers of GLITCH Collective who invited RIOT Girls. RIOT’s sound is very diverse and reflects the many talents within the club, brace yourself for techno, house, trance and electro! RIOT consists of DJs and producers Selene, Myra and Carmen Lisa. RIOT is loved for their shows at well-known events such as Rave the Planet parade (former Loveparade in Berlin), Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam, Loveland Festival in Amsterdam, Club Tresor in Berlin, and so on. Their mission is clear: to create a space where female artists can share their passion, support one another, and cultivate grateful collaborations.


Video trailer for Goodbye_p0rn

Check out how cool this event will be!


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