Panel “Behind the Scenes: Community, Ethics, Money, and More”


Panel “Behind the Scenes: Community, Ethics, Money, and More”

Zoom link , Berlin (online)
Sun, Jun 20 2021 @18:00 - 19:30

Honest and nuanced conversations about community, ethics, money, body-image and mental health in the adult industry.


Panel: “Behind the Scenes: Community, Ethics, Money, and More”


Join us for honest and nuanced conversations about community, ethics, money, body-image and mental health in this panel featuring luminaries María Riot, Valentine, Chelsea Poe & Timotheus Berlin – moderated by Sadie Lune. Hosted by PornFilmfestival Berlin and organized by Almond.


Date & Time

This panel will take place online June 20th 2021, 6 PM-7:30PM CET.


Panelist Info

ValentineValentine (she/her)

Valentine is a 32 year old biracial Black s//x worker who has been in the adult industry for over a decade. Primarily focusing on queer adult film and in person s//x work. She identifies as a Femme (Daddy) and applies the ideas around this as a means of being firm, kind and no holds barred in life. (United States)

TW: @Vonbettie
IG: @Vonbettie



MariaMaría Riot (she/her)

María Riot is a s//x worker and a s//x workers‘ rights activist. She is interested in eroticism, s__xuality and prxnography and expresses it through the medium of film, photography and writing. Working in the s//x industry for more than 8 years, she is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Barcelona, Spain.

IG: @Riot.Maria.x
TW: @RiotMaria



ChelseaChelsea Poe (she/her)

Chelsea Poe is a Dutch American filmmaker and prxn performer. She has been an advocate for the removal of transphobic language in prxn and has pushed for trans inclusion. She is currently a director on Trouble Films and runs her website

TW: @ChelseaPoe666
IG: @FakeChelseaPoe



TimotheusTimotheus Berlin (he/him)

Timotheus is a resident pro Dom at studio LUX and a kinky BDSM prxn performer who is based in Berlin. He has performed in no budget art prxn films, in collaborations with other performers / content creators for selling clips independently on various platforms, in films he produced and in studio prxn.

TW: @TimotheusBerlin



SadieSadie Lune (she/they)

Sadie Lune is a interdisciplinary artist, s//x worker of over 20 years, and parent. She has won awards for her short films and performances, appeared in feature films and queer prxn, exhibited explicit whore-positive work in squats and the SFMOMA, and shown her cervix internationally. She writes, presents workshops, and speaks publicly on topics of s///xuality, gender, intimacy, fertility, shame, feminism, kink, queer parenthood and s///x work. Sadie is American but lives in Berlin with her child and baby.

IG: @Sadie_lune


Tickets & Info


  • Tickets are pay-what-you-can between 0€ and 20€. All money goes to the performers & moderator.
  • Notes on accessibility: Discussions will include explicit language & descriptions. Zoom automatic captions will be turned on for this event. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer ASL interpretation.

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