Full-day Fantasy Film workshop


Full-day Fantasy Film workshop

Raindance , London
Wed, Mar 15 2017

Raindance London invited Jennifer to teach a full-day erotic filmmaking workshop. Come along!



Jennifer’s Fantasy Film Workshop at Raindance London explores erotic desire – the linchpin of so many cinema masterpieces. From classics like “Last Tango in Paris” to modern successes such as “Blue Is The Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle),” Gaspar Noe’s “Love,” and cult kink favourite “Secretary” – which screened at Raindance in 2002.


And of course most filmmakers in any genre will likely, at some point in their careers, work on a film that contains some kind of sex scene.


Yet most film schools provide no training whatsoever in how to approach sexuality from a cinematic perspective!

In this full-day workshop, award-winning erotic film director Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films, Amsterdam/USA) teaches you to look at sexuality with a filmmaker’s eye. She gives you the tools you need to actually create your own erotic film or simply approach any sexual scene or relationship in your film with a knowledgeable eye.


Fantasy Film Workshop: Design Your Own Erotic Film

Course Outline – what you will learn


Session 1: Erotic film concepts

Course leader Jennifer Lyon Bell will address structure, tone, the role of sound and music, choreography, the relationship between “story” and “spectacle,” ethical issues, and the many elements of explicitness. She will also discuss production issues that are special to filmed sex.


Session 2 Analyse film clips

The film clips Jennifer screens will range from mainstream art films, to video art, to alternative/feminist porn. Both non-explicit and explicit work will be shown and discussed.


Session 3. Imagination exercises

The most important part of creating a great sex scene/movie is imbuing it with your own authentic point of view, creating powerful feelings through your film rather than falling back on the sexual clichés that dominate most of the mainstream film industry and leave viewers tepid.

So Jennifer teaches this class from a personal perspective: All participants will start from their own sexual interests and learn how to portray them cinematically.  Jennifer creates a safe and welcoming space to privately explore your erotic fantasies and start developing erotic ideas organically.


  • No sexual activity – or even filming of sexual activity – is needed in this workshop, only your own ideas and honesty!
  • Some of the activities take place in small groups, but you only share what you feel comfortable with. Jennifer has taught this workshop worldwide with great success at creating fun and supportive group chemistry.

Session 4. Imagination exercises

At the end of the workshop, all participants leave with their own self-created erotic film storyboard.

*This is guaranteed to be a workshop which affects the way you see sex in cinema permanently.`


Who should attend the Fantasy Film Workshop

  •  Filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers at all levels of expertise
  • Those with a genuine and sincere interest in portraying sex in a more interesting and powerful way
  • All genders welcome



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