XXXPlicit Dance at Cinedans: Adorn at EYE Filmmuseum


XXXPlicit Dance at Cinedans: Adorn at EYE Filmmuseum

EYE Filmmuseum , Amsterdam
Fri, Jun 24 2022 @22:00 - 23:59

Adorn screens in this exciting and adventurous screening at the EYE Filmmuseum, capturing dance and movement through explicit acts.


XXXPlicit Dance program at Cinedans Fest


Cinedans Fest presents the Netherlands premiere of our film Adorn at XXXplicit Dance, an exciting thematic screening inspired by the historical relationship between dance and sex. Screening at Amsterdam’s illustrious EYE Filmmuseum, this collection of films includes work from collectives and directors from all over the world that have dedicated their work to capturing dance and movement through explicit acts. From sex-ed and docufiction to video-clips and phantasmagorical cross-genre short films, we promise an exciting and adventurous screening.


Adorn celebrates Netherlands premiere: XXXPlicit Dance


The first half of Adorn will be shown in this amazing program. There are many films, so they are either shorts of fragments.  If you like what you see, you can come back here to watch the full Adorn film. 🙂


Q&A session

Q&A with makers is included – I will definitely be there. Join myself and Adorn’s local cast/crew! Come have a drink with us.

I’ve seen many of these films already, and they are spectacular. Highly recommended. Tickets will go fast.


XXXPlicit Dance program lineup

Featuring the work of:

Aorta Films – Oh (extended) @aortafilmswillneverdie
Matt Lambert – Define Beauty: Nipples, Butt Muscle: Christeene @dielamb
Matt Lambert + Steven Fast @steevsta – Rotted
Marcelo D’Avilla + Marcelo Denny – The Flesh’s Hunger @davilladavilladavilla @madenny
David Bloom – Sonata
Lei Yuan Bin – A Dance for Ren Hang
Jennifer Lyon Bell – Adorn @jenniferlyonbell
Su Hui-yu – The Glamorous Boys of Tang
Michael Portnoy – Progressive Touch @michaelportnoy
Antonio da Silva – Dancers @antoniodasilva_films
Toby Dye – Paradise Circus: Massive Attack @tobydye


Time & place

Date: Friday June 24, 2022

Time: 22.00-23.59

Place: Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Cost: €11,50 standard. Free with Cineville pass.



For adults only! 🙂

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