Official Selection laurel awarded by the PornFilmFestival Berlin to the erotic film Adorn, directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell for Blue Artichoke Films


About the film

An experimental erotic game. Starting naked, ending clothed & exhausted. Restrained by the simple rules of their game, they improvise. A love scene in reverse.

About Adorn


An experimental erotic game. A man and a woman face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What happens in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, there is laughing, teasing, fighting, fucking, fingering, kissing. A love scene in reverse.


Starring Sadie Lune and Parker Marx, who have such enormous chemistry — and such fun —  that you can hardly believe this is their first time together.


With music by acclaimed folk-pop songwriter Zoe Boekbinder.


Adorn was invited for its World Premiere at the 2018 Pornfilmfestival Berlin.


The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is an alternative, independent film festival that focuses on sexuality, politics, feminism and gender issues, and is the only festival of its kind in Germany. Since 2006, the festival has screened an annual average of over 100 films from around the world, featuring feminist and queer perspectives on questions around sexual morality, identity, and body norms, emphasizing artistic, alternative approaches to the genre of pornography.


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Show Cast & Crew




Sadie Lune & Parker Marx


Director, producer, casting, 2nd camera

Jennifer Lyon Bell


Music by

Zoe Boekbinder


Director of photography, editor, sound recordist, color grading

Jonathan Massey


Gaffer, camera assistant, assistant director, continuity

Julia ter Horst


On-set sound mixer, production assistant

Yvette Luhrs


Costume design

Lotte van Nijverdal



Robin van der Linde


Postproduction sound design



Zoe D’Amaro

Behind the scenes


Still photography

Brand Berghouwer


Graphic design

Mark Bakker








“Seven Times”

“Van Song”

“The Grass Or The Ground”

“Make A Mess”


Written and performed by Zoe Boekbinder



Tech specs

Aspect ratio:

Widescreen (16:9), full color, true HD 1980×1020



30 minutes



Only a handful of very sexy and fun words spoken. Includes subtitles in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, and Turkish.


Director Jennifer has known Sadie Lune for years. American-born Sadie is a well-known performance artist,  sex worker activist, and film director on the Berlin arts scene. Jennifer met Parker in the bar of the Moviemento cinema in Berlin, and knew right away she wanted to work with him — though she didn’t yet have a project in mind. When casting for Adorn, she had an instinct that Sadie and Parker would be great together. And boy, were they! Jennifer is secretly very proud of her casting abilities, and grateful to Parker and Sadie for embracing this experimental, improvisational movie idea.


More trivia

The steampunk-ish Amsterdam location where Adorn was shot is also featured in the cult Netflix series Sense8. Sense8’s cast and crew –including producer Lana Wachowski — flew to Amsterdam to shoot multiple episodes in Amsterdam in Season 2. They happened to select the same “hidden” location as Adorn.

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Adorn : Behind the scenes

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