Laurel awarded to the VR film Second Date by Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films) for nomination for the Best Sensual Experience at Raindance Film Festival in London Official Selection laurel awarded to the VR film Second Date by Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films) for CPH*DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival in Denmark Laurel awarded to the VR film Second Date by Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films) for nomination for the Best Sensual Experience at Raindance Film Festival in London

Second Date

About the film

A lighthearted, totally unscripted Virtual Reality immersive 360° portrait of two young people finding a connection.

About Second Date


The world’s first clothed orgasmic erotic VR film!


A portrait of intimacy: Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again — until they finally start connecting for real.
When you wear VR goggles while watching this film, you feel that you are right next to them, sharing their experience. Hard to describe, but unforgettable.
This was Anne and Bishop’s real second date, and it was a huge success. It reached an orgasmic conclusion, even though their underwear stayed on. Second Date is probably the world’s first orgasmic clothed Virtual Reality film!
Nominated for the “Best Sensual Experience” prize at Raindance London Film Festival.

Jennifer created this film as a co-production with VR pioneers Condition One (San Francisco).


Second Date VR is one of just a couple of Blue Artichoke Films that you can’t find on any other platform! We made it available just for our own special customers.


On our own site here, you can find Second Date VR as a streaming rental or a download.

Virtual Reality


Second Date officially celebrated its World Premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London, where it was shortlisted for Raindance’s award in the festival’s new Sensual Experiences VR category. Second Date was also invited to be an official selection of the CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, one of the biggest and best documentary festivals in the world.


Second Date is also an Official Selection of these film festivals and more:


  • Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival
  • Encounters Film Festival
  • FIVARS Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Stories Festival
  • VR Expo Awards
  • Cambridge Film Festival
  • Church of VR, VR Days
  • Citizen of Nowhere Festival (National Theatre of Scotland)

“A genre-defining film.”

Mária Rakušanová, Raindance Film Festival, VRX Awards Head and Director of VR, AR and New Media (former Head of VR Product Marketing, Samsung Mobile)

Show Trivia

Shot on location in a sculptor’s houseboat in a small town in Amsterdam North.


Director Jennifer Lyon Bell first met Anne and Bishop seprataely, each more than two years before the shoot. When she first started pre-production for Second Date, she thought they might be perfect together even though they had never officially met. One Skype date later, their chemistry was confirmed and the casting decision was easy.


True to its name, Second Date is indeed a kind of second date. When Anne & Bishop arrived in town, Jennifer asked them if they’d be willing to spend an afternoon together doing whatever they might find fun in Amsterdam, with one rule: No kissing! Jennifer wanted their first kiss to happen on camera. Four hours later they sent Jennifer an adorable photo of them out and about together, with just one line written in the text message: “Not kissing!”


“Not kissing!”


This is director Jennifer’s first Virtual Reality movie. She was approached by the head of Condition One, a pioneering virtual reality production company in San Francisco. He liked the other Blue Artichoke films and asked Jennifer if she could make something with a similar feeling of intimacy in a realistic VR setting with their brand-new camera. Second Date is the first film to be shot with Condition One’s new camera.

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Show Cast & Crew



Anne De Winter
Bishop Black




Director + Producer + Casting:

Jennifer Lyon Bell


Director of Photography:
Jonathan Massey + Christian Serge Nelson


Editor + Sound Engineer + Lighting Assistant:
Jonathan Massey


Assistant Producer + Camera Assistant + Gaffer:
Julia ter Horst


Production Assistant:
Lola Rijken


Art Director:
Malou ter Horst


Costume Design:
Lotte van Nijverdal


Makeup Artist + Hairstylist:
Demi van Leijenhorst


Still Photography:
Irene Moray


Original music by The Unsayable
“Roses” written and performed by The Co-Op


This film was produced in collaboration with Condition One, San Francisco [add C1 logo]

Virtual Reality - feels like you are in the room with Anne & Bishop

“So sensual, really genuinely erotic…far more sensual than any VR porn.”

Catherine Allen, Virtual Reality curator/juror, Encounters Film Festival

World premiere

Invited to hold its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London, Second Date was also nominated for Raindance’s new Sensual Experiences VRX virtual reality film award.



Tech Specs

Format/aspect ratio:

Immersive 360 degree stereoscopic (3D) film in 4K definition with quad ambisonic surround sound. Full-color. Also available in streaming stereo monoscopic easy-watch version.


Watch it easily at home! Works with almost any mobile phone (Apple, Android) with Safari/Chrome and a simple headset like the $10 Google Cardboard — or headset of your choice that’s multi-phone friendly.  Also great with the new Oculus Go and other VR devices that access films via the web – just check your manual.  If you’re VR-savvy and prefer the full high-resolution experience, play our high-resolution 4K Second Date download on the Samsung Gear VR headgear via downloading the movie onto one of the cooperating Samsung phone models and playing the movie via the Samsung gear VR app. Downloads may also work well with Oculus Rift and other high-end VR devices – simply check your manual. Only have a desktop/laptop and no headset? The Chrome browser (Mac/Windows) will let you watch the movie fullscreen.



16.5 minutes




“A really interesting way of representing what happens between a couple, where they’re exploring each others feelings, emotions, interests — and bodies. I’m surprised that it’s been done in VR."

Bill Thompson, technology writer for BBC’s Click and BBC News Online

EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

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