Jennifer and choreographer Iacopo: Aftertalk at Goodbye_p0rn performance

Posted on December 14, 2023

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Join us after the premiere of exploratory club experience Goodbye_p0rn for a fun aftertalk between myself and choreographer Iacopo Oliva


Aftertalk following premiere of Goodbye_p0rn

I’ll take the stage with choreographer Iacopo Oliva (they/them) to chat about how I got involved on the project, what intimacy coordination is, and how why Iacopo invited me to collaborate with themself and the and dancers of Goodbye_p0rn. It’s been an unforgettable experience.

Since the performance takes place in an actual re-created nightclub, grab a drink at the bar and enjoy the conversation.



Intimacy coordination in Goodbye_p0rn between Jennifer and Iacopo

Iacopo invited me to work with Teddy’s Last Ride to help think through the thematic intimacy sexuality and queerness ideas posed by the development of the Goodbye_p0rn performance. Over the course of six months, I led two custom workshops with the team as their intimacy coordinator. In addition to idea development, we also worked on creating the most comfortable and safe space possible for dancers and audience alike.


Join us for the intimacy coordination aftertalk

Where: Grand Theatre, Groningen

When: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Time: Approximately 21.00, after the 20.00 performance., in the same “club” space

Cost: Free with entry


Video trailer for Goodbye_p0rn

As a reminder of all you can expect at the show, here’s the trailer to enjoy.





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