Jennifer speaking at “INTERESTING Amsterdam: The Sex Edition”

Posted on July 4, 2009

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Think sound is important in erotic film? Jennifer sure does too. That's why she's excited to speak at this special sex-themed INTERESTING AMSTERDAM conference about "The Sound Of Sex," explaining why sound in erotic/porn film is so important, and how you can work with actors, microphones, sound engineers, and music (or lack therof) to maximize the erotic wallop of a film.

The idea behind the INTERESTING AMSTERDAM conference is simple: interesting people, each talking about something that they love/hate/do/did/know/care about/obsess over to a curious, engaged, interesting audience.


INTERESTING happens all over the world. At Blue Artichoke Films, we’ve been invited to help organize a special edition of the Amsterdam conference: “INTERESTING Amsterdam: The Sex Edition” at the Rooms of Red Bull. It takes on sex, but not sex from the typical Red Light perspective. We’ll hear from film critics, artists, writers, designers and others, all of whom have something interesting to say about how they approach and experience sex in their work.


Jennifer will be talking about “The Sound Of Sex,” explaining why sound in erotic/porn film is so important, and how you can work with actors, microphones, sound engineers, and music (or lack therof) to maximize the erotic wallop of a film.


Other talks include:


Caro Verbeek: Fragrance designer “Body Odors and Pheromones In Modern Art”
Sue de Plessis: Saleswoman/buyer at female-friendly sex shop Mail & Female “5 Things I Learned Working In A Sex Shop”
Murielle Scherre: Creator/designer of La Fille D’O lingerie and sex memoirist “What Makes Lingerie Sexy”
Audacia Ray: Media expert, writer, and activist “7 Key American Sex Worker Activism Projects”
Marije Janssen and Thomas Heijmans: Feminist/queer porn theorist and media artist “Dictionary of Fetishes”
Massimo Benvegnu: Film critic/writer “The Semi-Genius Of Exploitation Director Russ Meyer”
Ancilla Tilia: Fetish model and FHM magazine sex columnist “The Daily Life of a Fetish Model”


INTERESTING Amsterdam/The Sex Edition will take place:


DATE: Saturday, July 18th
TIME: 16.00-18.00 talks, 18.00-20.00 (and probably past 22.00) borrel/party
PLACE: Rooms of Red Bull, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 24
INFO: Rooms Of Red Bull site or INTERESTING Amsterdam site


The talks will last about two hours. Afterwards, there will be a borrel/party, a wall-size video installation of selected arty sexual shorts curated by Jennifer, a separate extra-explicit mini-cinema and lounge with films also selected by Jennifer, and music by ARSE-JET. So there’ll be plenty of opportunity to talk with the speakers, artists and other interesting people who will be there.


There are only about 90 seats available and they’re free. Just e-mail the organizers Jeffre Jackson and André Bouwman at


Sex + interestingness + drinks + film + music. Is there any better way to spend a summer afternoon?


(Photo credit: Eva Midgley’s film Honey & Bunny)

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