Lovers’ tips for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2021

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Here are some simple ideas to create a hot and fun Valentine’s Day for you and your lover!

Lovers' tips for Valentines Day by Jennifer Lyon Bell at Blue Artichoke Films. Image of Liandra Dahl; and AnnaBelle Lee in the film ":Silver Shoes: Undressed."


Lovers’ tips for Valentine’s Day

From Jennifer and the team at Blue Artichoke Films


Here are some simple ideas to create a hot and fun Valentine’s Day for you and your lover!


  • Bring over a simple plastic tarp and a bottle of baby oil for some floor nude wrestling. Half a bottle goes a long way! (Switch to body-safe lube when you’re ready for slippery insides as well as outsides.)
  • Rent 5 diverse movies from the grand variety at and promise yourselves you will pick out at least one fun new sexual activity to try tonight
  • Play the game from Wild Card: Take a small stack of blank index cards, and split them in half, taking about 10 apiece. Secretly each write a nonsexual body part on 10 of them — like “elbow or “teeth”. Hide them randomly around the room together. Then take turns picking up one at a time. Your goal is to play as long as both of you enjoy it — will you do something WITH that body part? TO that body part? Who is the giver & who is the receiver? — until you run out of ideas. Then pick a new card together.
  • Switch roles for an evening — whatever that means to you — if the idea appeals. If one of you usually calls the shots, let the other be in charge this time. If one is more comfortable asking for what they want sexually, let the other take on the challenge of doing more speaking up. Be sure to give each other lots of gentle aftercare afterwards.
  • Orgasm denial. Nope, you don’t get to orgasm till I tell you to, and I’ll halt abruptly if need be. It will be torture. 🙂

Solo tip

Of course you can adapt some of the above tips for fun solo use, but here’s one great idea that has been a game-changer for many solo Valentine’s Day celebrants. Enjoy!


  • Masturbate and go ahead and make some noise. Since couples would make noise on Valentine’s Day, why shouldn’t you? Holding your breath can hold you back. Go for it, and see how different it can feel.
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