On TV, Aangenaam Collective endorses Jennifer’s movies for Zomerparkfeest

Posted on June 27, 2022

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Aangenaam Collective's TV appearance intelligently explains Jennifer's upcoming sex-positive feminist porn at music/arts festival Zomerparkfeest


Aangenaam Collective on Omroep Venlo TV


Two members of the new sex-positive feminist Aangenaam Collective¬† were invited to Omroep Venlo TV’s talk show Nedinscoplein to talk about their decision to invite Jennifer Lyon Bell and her film Adorn to Zomerparkfeest. Zomerparkfeest has never shown adult cinema before.


Crissy Fila and Nanet Hazenbosch did an amazing job explaining sex-positive feminism, detailing how they met Jennifer when she gave a talk on “Ethical Porn” at Seks Festival at Tivoli Vredenburg this spring,¬† and felt they wanted to spread her message wider.


Crissy and Nanet were poised and cool. Have a look!


You can skip directly to the 17-minute mark for the porn discussion.



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