Casting call: Male actor for Silver Shoes with Liandra Dahl

Posted on September 18, 2013

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Seeking the perfect actor to co-star with sexy, talented, smart actress Liandra Dahl in Silver Shoes. We want to find an actor who’s attractive, energetic, and easygoing. He needs to play the character in a free, subtly flamboyant way, so needs to be comfortable riding the gender spectrum.

Are you interested to be part of our in-production film Silver Shoes? Silver Shoes is an intensely erotic fiction trilogy featuring hot stories that are both cinematic and completely sexually explicit.  The film’s three different short erotic stories explore the power of clothing to hide or reveal our hidden desires.


The lovely, brilliant Australian alternative porn performer Liandra Dahl (also an erotic director in her own right) has already starred in one of the vignettes we shot for our explicit erotic trilogy Silver Shoes.

We have decided to shoot a second vignette with her in October.

We are now looking for a male actor to be her partner.

The plot:

At a party among friends, Liandra’s character meets an attractive man she is quite sure is gay — based on his clothing. So she puts her guard down and they get along swimmingly. To her great surprise, she discovers he is not, though she can hardly believe it. After a strange and interesting conversation about sexuality, enjoyment ensues once the guests go home.

This male actor will also be performing in a second solo scene in the same house, with a plot related to one of the other vignettes.

We want to find an actor who’s attractive, energetic, and easygoing. He needs to play the character in a free, subtly flamboyant way, so needs to be comfortable riding the gender spectrum.


* Comfortable talking in English

* Attractive (if you genuinely think you’re attractive, that’s good enough for us!)

* Open to learning lines and acting (no experience required)

* Age 18-50

* Comfortable with performing explicit sex acts on film

* Enthusiastic about Liandra

* Able to get yourself reliably to Amsterdam (Netherlands) for the full 3-day period of October 16, 17 and 18, 2013

If you are interested, please send an email ASAP to and include:

1. Photos of yourself: Face + body (a nude shot is good but not necessary)

2. Your current location

3. Tell us why this kind of film appeals to you

4. Let us know what you like about this particular Silver Shoes vignette and why it’s right for you

5. If you have any acting or performance skills, let us know!  You can add a resume/CV if you like, but it’s not necessary


The actors on our shortlist will be invited to have have a Skype chat with Liandra to see if they like each other & are compatible.


You can learn more about Liandra here:

Liandra’s Facebook profile
Liandra’s FetLife profile (this is a sexual social networking site and might require you to have a FetLife account to see it)


Here is an EXCLUSIVE preview draft trailer of the Silver Shoes vignette Liandra stars in with Annabelle, so you can see some of her work. The password is “silvershoes”.

Silver Shoes 1: Casting trailer 2013 (Liandra/Annabelle) from Jennifer Lyon Bell on Vimeo.

So that you can get a better sense of the Silver Shoes project, you can also access here the exclusive preview draft trailer of the Silver Shoes vignette that Annabelle stars in on her own. Conveniently, the password is once again “silvershoes”!

Silver Shoes 2: Casting trailer 2013 DRAFT (Annabelle solo) from Jennifer Lyon Bell on Vimeo.

Want to know more? You can see more Silver Shoes stills here at the Blue Artichoke Films site.

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