Jennifer on Purno de Purno cartoon panel


Jennifer on Purno de Purno cartoon panel

Melkweg , Amsterdam
Sat, Jun 16 2018 - Wed, Jun 6 2018

This daring kids' TV program from the 1990's is being celebrated all-day at Melkweg. Come hear Jennifer in a panel about sexuality, sex ed, and pop culture for kids.

The strange and fascinating Dutch children’s computer-animated cartoon Purno de Purno ran on the prestigious VPRO broadcaster from 1989-1996 and then again from 2006-2007. Though I’m American and am new to the show, lots of my Dutch friends have fond memories of this show when it originally aired.


Last year, YouTube put all the episodes behind an 18+ barrier, making it the first ever kids’ show on YouTube to receive such a rating.


The music/culture institution Melkweg in Amsterdam is planning an entire day to celebrate Purno de Purno, airing all 62 episodes and celebrating the show with art and discussion.


The Melkweg has invited me to participate in a panel about sexuality.  Purno de Purno dealt with advanced topics for children, including nudity, sex, and homosexuality.  We’ll be talking about sex education and the role of culture.  It should be interesting! If we are lucky, we’ll also get to talk with the original makers, Marcus Vlaar en Hans Wessels, about what they hoped the show would do for kids.


Let me know if you’ll be there!


Facebook event:

Purno de Purno Marathon at Melkweg in Amsterdam
Purno de Purno Marathon at Melkweg in Amsterdam






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