Reimagine Sexuality sextech conference invites Jennifer to speak


Reimagine Sexuality sextech conference invites Jennifer to speak

International/virtual , Reimagine Sexuality Platform
Fri, Sep 2 2022 - Fri, Sep 30 2022

This worldwide virtual summit spotlights Jennifer and other thought leaders from across the Sextech industry



The Reimagine Sexuality sextech conference


The Reimagine Sexuality sextech conference  spotlights the thought leaders from across the industry in all areas of business, featuring innovators, scientists, therapists, investors, marketing experts, lawyers, designers, influencers, and more.


This  worldwide virtual event features more than 40 expert speakers,  including Bryony Cole, Cindy Gallop, Lilly Sparks of Afterglow, Frances Tang of Awkward Essential, and many more.


What is sextech?


“Sextech is made up of all innovations, products and services that enhance sexuality. Sexuality is diverse, personal and an important part of life involving biological, cultural, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of humanity. By focusing on sex-positive initiatives that are about health, relationships, education, pleasure and safety, the sextech industry has made positive movements and impact to an industry that is projected to be worth $37 billion by 2023.”


The Reimagine Sexuality sextech conference is a worldwide virtual event that is bringing together the thought leaders across the industry, including innovators, scientists, therapists, investors, marketing experts, lawyers, designers, influencers, and more.


Empathy In Design: Supporting Ethical Porn Values Throughout Distribution


My talk “Empathy In Design: Supporting Ethical Porn Values” explores about the sextech nature of Blue Artichoke Films over the years, and how I consciously chose to extend her ethical porn brand based on empathy through the distribution process.


“Sex is a giant, beautiful, strange, messy, fascinating, fun, and thrilling force of nature. When I make movies for Blue Artichoke Films, I embrace the quirky, sometimes awkward feelings that are the engine of our human sexual experience.


How can we demonstrate the value of this kind of empathetic porn in a world where mountains of porn are free?


My ideas about intimacy, fun, and comfort inform my film content, my design of the Blue Artichoke Films platform’s user experience, and my personal vision of sex-positive community that uses the platform’s technology to combine real-life and virtual experiences.”



Date/Time to see “Empathy In Design”


To see my speaking contribution, “Empathy In Design”:


FREE with free registration : All day Friday September 2, 2022 from 11:00am CST for 24 hours


Starting September 6: Watch Jennifer anytime with a Premium pass. Watch all the other speakers as well, at your convenience. Good for busy folks


Sign up for free (tickets are going fast!) or buy your Premium pass here.


Featured speakers


Here are a few  speakers I’m looking forward to seeing:


Lora H Di Carlo



Bryony Cole



Cindy Gallop



Frances Tang



Lilly Sparks



Morgan Catalina


Free for the first 4 days


A reminder: If you sign up now, or anytime this weekend, the speakers are free on the scheduled days.


Here is a list of the schedules per day. After the end, with a Premium pass you can view speakers at any time!








Special offer for Reimagine Sexuality conference attendees


For all attendees in September, whether free or Premium, we’ll offer a 15% promo code that applies to everything on the Blue Artichoke Films site — downloads, streaming rentals, multi-film combo packs, gift certificates, and the Feeldoe. Stay tuned!

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