Talk: The Making Of Second Date VR


Talk: The Making Of Second Date VR

May Fair Hotel , London
Fri, Sep 29 2017 @9:00 - 17:00

Jennifer will present the making-of her virtual reality film Second Date, including casting, preparation, and shooting.

Raindance London has invited me to give a presentation at the Raindance VRX Experiences Summit about the making of Second Date, and I’m looking forward to it.


Raindance suggested it because they already recognize that none of the traditional production strategies of mainstream non-erotic cinema, or of VR porn, applied very well to my special alternative-erotic audition, planning, and on-set production strategies. I generally allow the performers to be extremely improvisational once the cameras start rolling, which means a lot more technical and crew preparation to make sure that works well. Basically, myself and our cast and crew needed to make up our own virtual reality erotic system.


I’m also looking forward to talking about what I learned about VR, which is to say A LOT since this was my first VR movie! Not only did my cast and crew and I tackle the challenges of capturing genuine erotic chemistry, which is hard in any format, but we had to do it in 360° — and believe me when I tell you that 360° is at least 10 times harder than 180°! And then of course there were the VR challenges that plague all VR projects at this moment in history — during our test shoot with the consumer-grade test camera, guess how many minutes it took before the camera overheated and became nonfunctional? Not too dang many minutes, unfortunately for us. (Thanks heavens it was only the test shoot!)


Hope you can make it to the VRX Summit for all of this behind-the-scenes scoop and more.

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