UNCENSORED In Lockdown film fest


UNCENSORED In Lockdown film fest

PinkLabel.tv , London
Tue, Nov 24 2020 @20:30 - 22:30

Join us for a night of sweat, touch, kisses, licks and passion as we bring to you the shortlisted films from the UNCENSORED in Lockdown open call.


UNCENSORED in Lockdown Fest

Following the great success of London’sUNCENSORED Fest 2019, join for for a night of sweat, touch, kisses, licks and passion at UNCENSORED in Lockdown online screening event on November 24th.  The online screening is the result of the open call run by UNCENSORED during lockdown for porn and erotic movies made while in isolation.

Includes films from the UK, Europe, South America and beyond!

Hosted by PinkLabel.tv

Due to the pandemic the festival we be hosted online at PinkLabel.tv.


Jury at UNCENSORED in Lockdown Fest

On the night,  guest juror Heidi Switch  will announce the winners for the following categories:

1)    Best short film

2)    Jury’s choice

3)    Body of work

Prizes will be provided by the award-winning adult toy manufacturers at Gvibe  and all profits raised will support Pineapple Support, a charity providing free support and therapy service to adult industry performers.


Films at UNCENSORED In Lockdown


Films include:

  • Dirty Talk by Gabriela MacLeod (2020. 4 minutes. Canada)
    The film is part of the “Greeting From Isolation project”. The dirty talk session ends with the words: ‘’Everything is going to be okay’’. And it will!
  • Sex in Times of Corona by CoronaSolidarityFilm (Candy Flip, Theo Meow, Jo Pollux, Finn Peaks, Doxytocine, Katy Bit, Binx, Johnny Jane, Dolores Maria, Toni Karat Manon Praline, Hyenaz, Harvey, Frau Dark *spir@lena*) (2020. 8 minutes. Germany)
    The film gives a humorous guide to safer sex in Times of Corona. All the donations collected through the screenings go to a sex worker emergency fund.
  • SelfPleasure Arid by Kupalua (2020. 5 minutes. Brazil)
    The cactus attracts Kupalua. The lips and the spikes at the limit of the touch. A dildo that cannot penetrate.
  • Waiting for the Tsunami by Rori Dior (2020. 13 minutes. Germany)
    Before the tsunami, the sea recedes. In the undertow, two neighbours seek each other beyond the walls of isolation, only for freedom and the joy of pasta.
  • SelfPleasure Scat by Jeffe Grovchos (2020. 10 minutes. Brazil)
    A slow shave, a long masturbation and the sound of the water in the shower. This is self-pleasure in times of isolation.
  • The Silent Witness by Torri Lisek (2020. 8 minutes. Germany)
    After months of being isolated, Bat Boi and Manon Praline decide to meet. Protective masks, protective suits, plastic gloves and their solitary bodies ready to feel again.
  • Moan Together by Matt Lambert (2020. 4 minutes. Germany)
    The porn music video was made during the first lockdown in Europe to support sex workers during the pandemic, and compiled from over 50 submissions from around the world.
  • The Mirror by Toni Karat (2020. 4 minutes. Germany)
    An old floor, a mirror and Manon for a hot and mesmerising solo.
  • Vegetable Pleasure by Tormenta Cósmica (2020. 8 minutes. Brazil)
    Surrounded by an urban indoor forest, Tormenta Cósmica explores smells, textures and the moisture of the plants and her body. A wet and joyful session.
  • Reverie by Danius Monoceros (2020. 12 minutes. UK)
    A ride on the London subway, a sign “Please keep your distance”: the perfect start to a hot, gay daydream.
  • SelfPleasure Solar Orgasm by Jeffe Grovchos (2020. 13 minutes. Brazil)
    An armchair by the window, warm rays of sunshine, hot vibes: a pleasurable solo game that makes us sweat!
  • Flowers/Decay by Toxicity & Mixxim (2020. 7 minutes. Sweden)
    A mesmerising meditation on flowers and their blossoming process, leading to springs of lust and perversion.
  • Sex and Love in Times of Quarantine by Erika Lust (2020. 25 minutes. Spain)
    Based on a confession by Erika Lust herself, ‘Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine’ transports us into the homes and real lives of six performers, giving us an insight into how they satisfy themselves during isolation. (FILM NOT IN COMPETITION)

Stick around after the screening as they announce the winners for the categories of “Best Short Film”, “Jury’s Choice”, and “Body of Work.”


Prizes are provided by the award-winning adult toy manufacturers at Gvibe and all profits raised support Pineapple Support, a charity providing free support and therapy service to adult industry performers.


**UNCENSORED in Lockdown open call has been promoted by UNCENSORED in collaboration with Le Sex en Rose.

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