Wild Card premieres at Seattle Erotic Cinema Society SECS Fest


Wild Card premieres at Seattle Erotic Cinema Society SECS Fest

Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle , International/virtual
Fri, Sep 10 2021 - Mon, Sep 13 2021

Proud that Wild Card premieres at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society festival, widely known as SECSFest.

Wild Card: Premiere at SECS Fest


Our film Wild Card premieres in the “For Your Pleasure” shorts program at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society festival, widely known as SECSFest.


About SECS Fest


SECS Fest, the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society festival, is a sex-positive international film festival celebrating the artistry of erotic cinema while inspiring diverse communities to engage in adult conversations about sex.


The Seattle Erotica Cinema Society (SECS) aims to bring world-class erotic cinema to Seattle audiences throughout the year and in an annual festival including short films, features, documentary, and archival films. With attention to selecting films that are inclusive of authentic adult sexual expression, the films will show a diversity of representations: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, kink, body-type and standards of beauty, age, and ability. And it is through the exhibition of authentic sexualities alongside opportunities for audiences to participate in discussions and post-screening Q&A sessions that the festival can act as a catalyst for honest, non-judgmental conversations and the spreading of sex-positive values.



Festival 2021 – Schedule


Grand Illusion Cinema:SECS Fest is an 18+ event.

*Tickets and virtual passes will be on sale on August 25*

The online program will be REPEATED on demand on Monday September 13, 2021.



6 pm PDT – Friday, September 10

“For Your Pleasure” Shorts Program (90 min)

(Wild Card plays here!)

Discover pleasures from new perspectives with films about self-discovery, new life, creative foreplay, bumpn’ beats, and a time traveln’ hole.

Another Beautiful Creature
Wild Card
Progressive Touch
Hole Theory



9pm PDT – Friday, September 10

Feature: Vivante

VIVANTE (100 min)

In this dramatic comedy, Lou, a reserved young woman, will rent out a room in her too large apartment. This leads Lou to meet and begin a passionate relationship with Charlotte, but this new situation is not without drama, loss, and growth as Lou and Charlotte face challenges due to Lou’s loss of mobility and her sense of independence after an accident.

Proceeded by short film, IMMERSED


12 pm PDT – Saturday, September 11

“Caught on Camera” Shorts Program (80 min)

Reflections, gaze, projections, and physical media all play a part in these films where the lens has a leading role.

The Mirror
2 or 3 Things I Like About Him
“In a Strange Room”



3 pm PDT – Saturday, September 11

Feature: One Last Time

ONE LAST TIME (90 min)

Salomé has decided to end her own life. The date has been set, it will be in 6 months. Until then, what matters most to her is to plan her last time, the last time she’ll make love. She wants to give that moment even more importance than she gave to her first time.

Proceeded by short film, Letting Go



6 pm PDT – Saturday, September 11

“Nightclubbing” Shorts Program (90 min)

Get hypnotized by the music, lights and mysteries that linger in the afterhours. These films will take you through a mind melding blowjob, a late night stroll through a city asleep, an all girl band making more than just music, and plenty more visual vices that will rock your Saturday night.

The Multiverse in a MouthF*ck
Girl Gang


9 pm PDT – Saturday, September 11

Fred Halsted double feature


New 2K restoration of Fred Halsted’s non-narrated collages of sadomasochism.



2:00  pm PDT – Sunday, September 12

Feature: Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick (60 min)

Iranian documentary, Red lipstick is about a hairdresser called Masoumeh who is 36 years old and she never got married!

Proceeded by short film, SOLOGAMY

The film will be followed by an interview with director Shiva Sanjari.



5 pm PDT – Sunday September 12

Feature: Chemistry Eases the Pain


Frankie is set on her college path with a supportive Mom and tight-knit circle of queer friends. But the laws of attraction have other plans when she catches feelings for her Chemistry study-partner, Matt.

Preceeded by short films, The Receiver & Trinity



8 pm PDT – Sunday, September 12

“Love is the Drug” Shorts Program (90 min)

Craving some nature? We’ve got you covered with bodega treats, picnics, sultry seaside encounters, canna-comforts and more. Guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

Snack Time
Dic Pic Picnic
Forest Affair
Tears for Water, A Selkie Fantasy
Saint Plaisir
Pops’ Corn


If you must miss this great festival, check out Wild Card in the privacy of your own home! EXCLUSIVELY available here on the Blue Artichoke Films platform.


Wild Card trailer


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