Our award-winning explicitly erotic fiction film. The story: Stage actors Mariah and Daniel play lovers every night, but their onstage romance lacks spark. One slow afternoon, they discover that today’s matinée performance will make or break both their careers. Daniel wants to make big changes, and Mariah starts to wonder: are Daniel’s suggestions reasonable? Or has he lost track of the boundary between actor and character? Rushed to the stage, in front of a live audience, they must figure it out together.


The film showcases Steven McAlistair (Scotland) and Alicia Whitsover (England) in their first — and only — explicit sex roles ever.


Winner of the Best Film prize at both Melbourne Underground Film Festival and CineKink/NYC, nominated for a Feminist Porn Award, and #1 winner of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “5 Best Sex Films For Women”.

Language: English. Included subtitles: English/Dutch (Rent/Download), Dutch (DVD)
Note: Matinee is also available as part of our 6-film sets Rental Pack and Download Pack.

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