Second Date

A portrait of intimacy: Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again — until they finally start connecting for real.


When you wear VR goggles while watching this film, you feel that you are right next to them, sharing their experience. Hard to describe, but unforgettable. (Need a headset? Try the Oculus Quest 2.)


Second Date is EXCLUSIVE to our platform — only available here!

This was Anne and Bishop’s real second date, and it was a huge success. It reached an orgasmic conclusion, even though their underwear stayed on. Second Date is probably the world’s first orgasmic clothed Virtual Reality film!


Nominated for the “Best Sensual Experience” prize at Raindance London Film Festival.

Language: English. NOTE: Rentals are best viewed on mobile phones with Chrome/Safari browsers, or desktops with Chrome.

Watch as much as you like for 14 days. In “My Library” you can keep track of how much time you have left. VIEWABLE WITH YOUR OWN VR HEADSET

Keep your own digital high-resolution 4K stereoscopic 3D copy forever. Download it to your computer or laptop, then transfer the file to your VR system. If you ever lose it, download it again from “My Library”. VIEWABLE WITH YOUR OWN VR HEADSET

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