Silver Shoes screening in Berlin with Schwules Museum event in March 2015

Posted on January 19, 2015

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Berlin's Schwules Museum is hosting an eclectic selection of films challenging gender roles and creating a new language for porn. We're honored that Silver Shoes was invited to screen at the museum.

This winter, Berlin’s Schwules Museum has been hosting an “academic, critical, yet sensual” exhibition entitled “Porn That Way,” which takes place through the end of March 2015.


As the film part of the exhibition, cinema Kino Moviemento in Kreuzberg Berlin is presenting our feature film “Silver Shoes” on March 3. Tickets are now available through Kino Moviemento.


Silver Shoes has been selected for its unique approach combining so-called straight, lesbian, and queer porn elements. Playing with masculinity and femininity, Silver Shoes appeals to a wider range of viewers than ever.


Jennifer will come to Berlin for the screening and stay for a Q&A session to answer any audience questions. After that, she’ll be hanging out in the Moviemento bar with friends and you are most welcome to join.


As the museum describes their Porn That Way exhibition:

  • For the first time ever, an exhibition combines the developments, past and present, of gay, lesbian, trans* and queer pornography.
  • “Porn That Way” is an academic, critical, yet sensual show. It covers the history of homosexual porn, from the dark and hidden alleys of the 19th century to the out-and-proud products of the 1970s, from the films of the AIDS crisis years to the current sex-positive feminist movement, the advent of “Romantic Porn” as the next step after “Reality Porn 2.0”, as well as the ever-expanding trans*porn movement.
  • Photos, postcards, films, magazines, costumes, contracts, original tapes, posters and flyers – as well as vintage dildos, injection needles, pills and camera equipment – from archives, studios and private donors around the world mirror the continuing emancipation of queer sexualities. The objects on display emphasize the enormous differences, both in terms of time periods as well as with regard to commercialism, which is entirely different in gay and lesbian pornography, not to mention trans* porn. Only in the recent past have the dividing lines been slightly blurred.


How to participate:

  • When: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
    What time: 22.00
    Where: Kino Moviemento,  Kottbusser Damm 22, Berlin-Kreuzberg
    How much: €8 general admission, €7/€6/€5 with various discounts
    How: Buy in person at Moviemento, reserve by phone +49 (0)30 692 47 85, or buy online on the Moviemento site starting Monday February 16, 2015
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