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We’re proud to be partnering with PinkLabel in order to offer you the option to watch the films right now from the privacy of your home. PinkLabel, based in San Francisco, is a fair trade, digital distribution outlet designed for “emerging and independent adult filmmakers”. We show all our films via their site, and you can watch any film right this minute.

Our films available on demand via Pink Label

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FAQ for Blue Artichoke Films on PinkLabel:


Q: Are all of the Blue Artichoke Films available for digital delivery?

A: Yes! Silver Shoes, Skin. Like. Sun., Matinée, and our short film Headshot are all available for streaming. This is a one-time streaming “rental” that you are only charged for once. It works on your laptop or any mobile device (phone, tablet etc.)


Q: How easy is it?

A: Simple. Click the above link, click the film you want, click “Rent Now”, and then it prompts you to make a free account — which takes thirty seconds and requires no commitment. Then use your credit card to quickly load as much or as little funds as you want. Whenever you want to come back and watch your film again — or you want to try a new Blue Artichoke film! — come back to this page and just click again on the above link.


Q: Is this “streaming”? If so do I need to pause before starting it up, or should it work pretty much immediately?

A: Yes. Videos begin preloading the second you open the page; you can click “Play” at any time.  The longer you wait to hit “Play”, the smoother it will run — like on YouTube.


Q: Because this is not a download, the film doesn’t “reside” on my computer, right?

A: Correct, the file is available through your library in your PinkLabel Member Area. This gives you more privacy. And it also frees up space on your device.


Q: Can I skip around to watch my favorite parts again? :-)

A: Skip forward or backwards as many times as you like! You can watch your video as many times as you want within the rental period.


Q: Can I come back as many times as I want to during the rental period? What happens if I want to keep watching it when the time is up?

A: Watch your video as much as you want during your rental period. When your time has expired, you may rent the video again.


Q: This is a one-time purchase, right? I won’t be re-billed?

A: The fee is one-time only. No recurring bills will be sent.


Q: Does it work on both Macs and PCs fine? Are there any tech requirements (operating system, connection speed, etc.)?

A: Our system works on Mac, PC, and also Mobile Devices. The ideal set-up is a broadband connection, either via wi-fi or a direct connection.


Q: Does it matter if I live in America, Europe, or somewhere else in the world?

A: Happily, digital delivery solves all those format problems! You can watch the films perfectly from anywhere.


Q: What payment types does the system accept?

A: Payment via major credit cards are accepted. (We cannot use Paypal because they do not allow adult content.) Apologies to those of our European customers in countries that don’t use credit cards – you can still buy the DVDs!


Q: What name will appear on my credit card statement?

A: You will receive a bill from Pink & White Productions.


Q: Why do I see the name “Pink & White On Demand” or “Crash Pad Series on Demand” in the link?

A: Don’t worry, those names are all just part of PinkLabel’s brand. It is PinkLabel offering the service for us.


Q: If I have a problem, what email address can I contact? How long will it take me to reach someone?

A: For technical problems, please see PinkLabel’s contact page. You should receive a reply within 2 business days.


Q: What do I do if I forgot my username or password?

A: If you forget your login information, please click this login link to have it resent to your email account.


Q: Can I buy a film to “give” as a gift to a friend?

A: Sadly, we cannot honor gift accounts, because we cannot guarantee that the gift minutes will be given to someone over 18 years of age or of legal viewing age for their location. Of course, if you like the a film, you can buy them a DVD as a gift. Or, if you want to tip off a friend you think would be interested, you can send them this direct link to the Blue Artichoke Films studio page: http://blueartichokefilms.com/watch-online


Q: Am I renting these films from PinkLabel or Blue Artichoke Films?

A: Blue Artichoke Films is happy to be partnering with our good friends at PinkLabel to be able to offer you this service. PinkLabel is renting them to you and will be taking care of the technical end of things. But once your experience is complete, we here at Blue Artichoke would be delighted to hear what you thought of the movies themselves, and any other comments you have.


Q: Can I see films from other filmmakers, as well as films from Jennifer Lyon Bell/Blue Artichoke Films?

A: Certainly. You’ll be taken to the Blue Artichoke Films “Studio Page” where you can access our 4 films easily. After you’ve rented the films you want to see, it’s easy to browse the other filmmakers’ work that PinkLabel offers. We think they have one of the best selections around, including some hard-to-find independent European movies. And all the films are ethically made. If you always enter PinkLabel through our big badge link above, you’ll always receive the best prices and see the widest selection.