7 tips for getting an erotic movie audition

Posted on January 2, 2018

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Want to snag an erotic movie audition? Director Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films gets lots of submissions. She tells you how to get an instant call-back: How to write a great introductory email, what photos to include, and what kinds of special talents she's looking for.

I receive a lot of submissions from potential performers. Because we’re a small indie production company, we can’t audition everyone right away, and a lot depends on what projects of ours are coming up in the near future. So I’m constantly having to select my favorite auditionees to meet with next. Want to find yourself at the top of the list? Read along for my insider tips on how to snag an erotic movie audition at Blue Artichoke.


1. Focus your fit.

In your first introductory email, let me know why you think you’d be a nice fit for Blue Artichoke Films. Is there something specific you read in our mission that appeals to you? Did you see part of one of our films (or, even better, an entire one of our films) where the aesthetics or the sex itself looked cool to you specifically?


2. No dick pics!

Or boob or pussy pics. In other words, I’d really rather not see closeups that don’t show the rest of your face and body, especially if that’s all you’re sending. It’s true that I ask potential auditionees to please send us a few photos. But I specifically note that they can be any kind. I’m interested in your vibe, your personality, your personal style. Maybe this is specific to Blue Artichoke, but I genuinely do not care how big or attractive your sex parts are. Truly. If you’re proud of your body and want to show it off nude/hard/wet, great! And I give brownie points to people who are comfortable with their bodies. But if the focus is on how you think I’d hire you because of the size/shape of your parts, I can already tell you’ve woefully misunderstood the entire point of Blue Artichoke. We like the whole person, not just the parts. (Oh and BTW if you send only a closeup…I’ve come to believe it’s probably not you in that photo. Just saying!)


3. Tell me why

Please do let me know why you think being in a porn/erotic film would be fun and fulfilling for you. There are a lot of great answers to this question! Is it sexual, artistic, personal, related to a certain phase of your life? But “I want to an easy way to have sex with a woman” or, even worse, “I want to have sex with someone who is not my partner, and my partner is not okay with that, but I think fucking on film would be fine because it’s Work, so I’m going to audition and then force my partner to accept it” are super-wrong answers. Your personal life is your business, of course, but Blue Artichoke is based on my values of consent and integrity. So I’ll be looking for auditionees who listen to and appreciate other people’s very real needs. And if you just want to get laid, believe me, there are much easier ways. Share with me a better reason that you want to be with us.


4. Special talents rock

We are lucky and happy to have the freedom here at Blue Artichoke to incorporate your actual interests and skills into a movie, if that’s something you’re up for. (And that’s something we’d discuss whether you were comfortable with.) So go ahead and mention anything you happen to know how to do. A shortlist of things that potential auditionees have been able to do includes horseback riding, hockey, pool, tightrope, runway modeling, illustration, singing, and bartending. One never knows what we could work into a film together. Go ahead and tell us what you can do.


5. Give sex specifics

If you want to mention your orientation, kink, partner preferences, or anything about what you’d like to do sexually in a movie, please go ahead and tell me! I appreciate it when an auditionee is comfortable with their own sexuality and can discuss it. Just remember that a film is kind of like a puzzle where the needs of the film itself, and of the other starring performers, all have to fit together with yours. So let me know where your flexibilities are. And please know you don’t have to squash all your preferences into your first email. If your vibe is right, the next stage will be for us to have a Skype or café audition conversation, and I’ll be able to talk details with you then.


6. Location, location, location

I can only cast you if I can find you, right? So please tell me what city/state/country you’re located in. You’d be surprised how many auditionees forget to mention this basic info. I’m probably going to assume that you’d need to be paid not only for your work but for all travel from your home city, so if there’s some reason that your travel situation is pleasanter than it looks (you’re spending the summer in Amsterdam? Coming to Berlin for work for a week? Willing to take a vacation to wherever we’re shooting?) then definitely let me know. We are a tiny indie production company, and travel budgets make a big difference with who we get to hire.


7. Have patience

I know that you’d probably like to be hired right away on a project with us, but even if I think you’re spectacular, it might not happen immediately. Finding the right fit of concept/story + performer #1 + performer #2 is quite the puzzle, and we care about getting it right. For example, I met the stars of our virtual reality movie Second Date individually each more than two years before I cast them. I met with Anne De Winter in Amsterdam and liked her, and I met Bishop Black completely separately in Berlin and liked him too. It wasn’t until I was working on Second Date, two years later, that I could see they might be right for exactly this project together. Does casting take me too long? Yes, probably. But I think I make great casting matches and I think the chemistry in our movies is unparalleled.


Interested to apply for an audition with us? Yes! Do it here: Our Contact Page





Pictured: Jasko Fide and Bishop Black auditioning together, Berlin
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