Tess Tessst blog gives rave reviews for Adorn and Wild Card

Posted on April 27, 2021

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Dutch sextoy blogger Tess Tessst gives a charming review of Adorn and Wild Card, and admits how pleasantly surprised she is that they are both more intense than she expected.

Tess Tessst – sextoy reviews


The sextoy review site Tess Tessst in the Netherlands has its pulse on the latest and greatest pleasure products. But they don’t usually review porn or erotic films.


I met Tess (and her husband Jay, who also contributes to the reviews) at a private sexuality event for Viva Magazine.


Tess and Jay and I had a lively conversation about porn, and I promised to send them my movies. Tess alluded to liking pretty hard porn, so I wasn’t sure if my flavor of intensely intimate connection would be up her alley. I’m so pleased that she liked it all!


Here’s a rough English translation of a few of her quotes. You can read the full reviews in Dutch on the Tess Tessst blog.


Review of Adorn: Equality + hotness


Tess found that she got turned on by Adorn in a different way than she expected:


” A love scene backwards, I think that’s a really nice description for this film. Adorn really is so different from any other porn I’ve ever watched (and that’s a lot). At first I wondered if I would get excited about such a movie. Normally when I watch porn, I immediately start masturbating. But I initially looked at Adorn more like I would a non-porn movie. That just didn’t last very long. Because fuck, this movie quickly turned me on. But in a very different way from the regular porn I watch. The actors, Sadie Lune and Parker Marx are so much fun together. They go together like that. The way they play this “game” is so sexy and fun. And really. I think that’s what hit me the most, that it’s so real. That you really see that they have fun together, that they want to have sexy times with each other and really enjoy it. Now, I must confess that I normally enjoy porn where one person clearly enjoys it a bit more than the other. That is my BDSM-minded approach. So I actually had no idea how much I would enjoy porn where it’s so obvious that both people enjoy it immensely.”


Review of Wild Card: Cute date + hard sex


Tess was again surprised by the combination of tenderness and intensity:


“This movie also looks so awesome and the attraction between Bishop and Kali is so cool to see. It looks like it really would look if you played such a game on a sexy date. I had no idea that this very real thing would appeal to me so much. But I’m really enjoying it. The build up of this movie is so much fun. How it starts quite innocently and sweetly, challenging each other a bit and stuff. But it gets more and more sexy and hot, until there is just really awesome hard sex.”


Tess understands Blue Artichoke Films


We here at Blue Artichoke films especially appreciated Tess’s clarification of how we try to bridge emotional chemistry and good intense sex:


“The image I had in my head beforehand, about porna or female-friendly porn, turned out to be wrong. Because there is also just hard fucking in these movies. It’s not about romance and just a little caressing. There’s just good, hard sex. Perhaps a little less explicitly portrayed than the other porn I watch, but certainly no less delicious.”


And we also appreciated her suggestion for her readers to think about paying for high-quality porn:


“This porn is super good and beautiful and hot and everything, but not for free. It is actually quite strange that for many people it is such a strange concept to pay for your porn. We all know websites like pornhub and xhamster, where you can look up all the porn you can think of for free. But if you consider that the people who make this porn are also just doing their job, and with that just trying to earn their money, I think you can quickly conclude that it is fair to just pay for it . I think the prices of Blue Artichoke films are really very reasonable. And masturbation is just that little bit better when you know it’s all fair, right?”

Thanks, Tess Tessst!


You can find Adorn and Wild Card EXCLUSIVELY here on our Blue Artichoke Films platform Shop — nowhere else! Available in both streaming rentals and “forever” downloads.





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