Amsterdam Weekly launches Jennifer’s new column “Ladywood”

Posted on January 11, 2009

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Jennifer now dishes weekly advice as Ladywood, the new sex columnist for Amsterdam's local culture paper, The Amsterdam Weekly. She's on the cover this week.

Not only did the arts & culture weekly graciously invite Jennifer Lyon Bell to write a weekly sex advice column for them, but Amsterdam Weekly is launching Ladywood with the April 10 cover story! Pick up the paper on stands April 8, or read online. And if you’re wondering why it’s called Ladywood: Jennifer wanted to name the column after a term for female sexual arousal. She remembered a clever one she liked: If men get “wood”, then women must get…ladywood! It’s rarely-used slang, but that’s why we like it.



Amsterdam Weekly cover featuring launch of Jennifer Lyon Bell as sex advice columnist "Ladywood"
Amsterdam Weekly cover featuring launch of Jennifer Lyon Bell as sex advice columnist “Ladywood”


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