Adorn at Athens Porn Film Festival


Adorn at Athens Porn Film Festival

APFF online at , Athens, Greece
Fri, Nov 20 2020 - Mon, Nov 30 2020

EXTENDED an extra 10 days! The first ever "Satyrs and Maenads" Athens Porn Film Festival has invited our erotic game film Adorn to be part of their diverse Erastes Shorts "heteroflexible" program.

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Due to popular demand, the festival has been extended until Monday November 30, all the way through next weekend.

  • If you already bought a ticket – enjoy the extra 10 days!
  • If you still need a ticket – buy it by midnight tonight, Monday November 23. (That’s the ticket deadline for some reason).

The Satyrs and Maenads – Athens Porn Film Festival

This brand new porn festival aims to reconsider porn:

What is porn?

“Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.” But is that all it really can be? We think not. Porn can inform, entertain and educate. It can open up issues of gender, sexuality and identity. It can raise awareness and be political and it can be fun too! And it is these ‘more than just porn’ films that we, as a film festival, are interested in.  Porn can inform, entertain and educate. It can open up issues of gender, sexuality and identity. It can raise awareness and be political and it can be fun too! And it is these ‘more than just porn’ films that we, as a film festival, are interested in.


Virtual festival hosted by


Due to Corona restrictions, the “Satyrs and Maenads” Athens Porn Film Festival has partnered with to create an online program available all weekend.

Athens Porn Film Festival program


APFF features eleven full shorts programs and one feature.


  • ERASTES SHORTS – Although we know the term ‘Erastes’ in ancient Athens from its use for male couples we will use the term in its more modern sense of Lovers. This is our Heteroflexible programme! Singles, Couples and Threesomes of all sorts celebrate sensuality and sex.
  • EUPHROSYNE SHORTS – Euphrosyne was one of the three Graces and she is the goddess of good cheer, mirth, merriment and joy. This selection of shorts brings out the fun and joyful side of sexuality. Because, even though we take our porn seriously, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh!
  • HETAIRAI SHORTS – Prostitution in ancient Greece was religious and commercial and it involved all classes and genders of people. The topic of sex work has been since ancient times and remains a controversial one. Each film of this programme gives a unique perspective on the matter from serious to humorous. Let’s not forget that one Greek term for prostitutes was pornai which gave rise to the term pornography
  • LYSISTRATA SHORTS – Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy heroine who starts a sex strike in order to put an end to the Peloponnesian wars. She is therefore our patron of ownership of one’s own female sexuality. This is a selection of short films with female sexuality at its core. Some cocks may appear but this is really all about CUNT!
  • SAPPHO SHORTS – Sappho was considered the best lyrical poet of ancient Greece. She is also well known as a symbol of love and desire between women. Her birthplace island Lesbos, which was used then as a descriptive noun of origin, gave rise to the term lesbian for female homosexuality. And this is what this selection of films celebrates.
  • GANYMEDE SHORTS – Ganymede was Zeus’ most famous male lover, lifted to Mount Olympus, granted eternal youth and immortality and the office of cupbearer to the gods. This programme celebrates and explores love and sexuality between males.
  • TEIRESIAS & PEGASUS SHORTS – Teiresias was a mythical blind prophet who was transformed into a woman for seven years, so we made him our patron of trans films. According to one myth, he was blinded by Hera for revealing to Zeus that women got more pleasure in sex than men. Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse and is our chosen symbol of queerness. This selection of films is the magical world of trans queerness!
  • PHILOCTETES SHORTS – Philoctetes is a hero from Homer’s Iliad who, wounded, is abandoned on the island of Lemnos for ten years. They retrieve him because he is guardian of Hercules’ bow and arrow, artifacts necessary for the victory of Greeks in Troy. He thrives and becomes a hero. This myth is chosen by Sophocles to demonstrate the complex relationship that society has with disability and to show the essential contributions that people with disabilities make in our societies.
  • PHILOXENIA SHORTS: VIENNA PORN FILM FESTIVAL – Philoxenia literally means love of strangers; it means eagerness to show hospitality. It was a sacred institution in ancient Greece protected by Zeus himself. Foreign guests were considered honoured and respected people. In this programme we will be hosting a fellow porn film festival to give us a selection of their local films. We start our own sacred institution with the beloved Vienna Porn Film Festival which bring us a fine smorgasbord of Austrian delicacies.
  • POLITICAL SHORTS – We may not have invented politics itself but we certainly gave it its Greek name. This powerful selection of short films reminds us that-to paraphrase the feminist slogan- the sexual is the political.
  • PROMETHEUS SHORTS – The titan Prometheus was bound on a rock and tormented daily by Zeus’s eagle as punishment for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to humans. We think he might have enjoyed it a little and named him patron of our BDSM film selection.


Adorn in Erastes Shorts program


Our film Adorn screens in the Erastes Shorts “heteroflexible” program.


About Adorn:

An experimental erotic game. A man and a woman face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What happens in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, there is laughing, teasing, fighting, fucking, fingering, kissing. A love scene in reverse. Starring Sadie Lune and Parker Marx, who have such enormous chemistry — and such fun —  that you can hardly believe this is their first time together. With music by acclaimed folk-pop songwriter Zoe Boekbinder.

Going to miss the festival? Find Adorn here.


Adorn trailer (XXX)



 All-weekend screening

The festival runs midnight November 20th through midnight November 22nd, 2020 (EET/Greek Time) — if you’re not in Greece or Eastern Europe Time, check your local time zone, For this special festival, all films are available to stream on demand. Browse and select a title to watch as many times as you like during the festival period.


This is unusual – you must buy a ticket on or before November 19, the day before the festival starts!

Charitable contribution

25% of ticket sales will go in aid of legal fees of the family of Zak/Zackie Oh, a Greek activist of the LGBTIQ+ movement, HIV positive, antifascist and drag queen who was brutally assassinated in the center of Athens in public view. Please visit the fundraising campaign if you want to contribute more.

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