Wild Card official selection of CineKink NYC virtual film fest


Wild Card official selection of CineKink NYC virtual film fest

CineKink NYC , International/virtual
Mon, May 9 2022 - Sun, May 15 2022

The "Sundance of porn," CineKink NYC, officially invites Wild Card to screen in this year's online film festival. The kinky film festival is back!


Wild Card: Official Selection of CineKink NYC

Our erotic game movie, Wild Card, is coming to CineKink NYC‘s virtual film festival.. so you can see it from anywhere in the world!

About Wild Card

Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra star in this playful, improvised film inspired by an intriguing card game. Hidden around the room are playing cards, each with a surprising nonsexual body part, like “elbow.”

Inspired by their undeniable attraction and the mysterious deck of cards, Bishop and Kali experiment with sensation as the heat builds between them. Their experiments grow more daring, and soon they cannot resist finding ways to bring each other to the brink and beyond.

This charming and explicit game of discovery and pleasure is full of warmth, humor and electric chemistry.


Playing erotic games with Wild Card

My hope was that, as in my other erotic game film Adorn, the performers would find it simply impossible to have sex in any “traditional” way when playing the game. They would have to get creative and rely ion their chemistry. What a success it was! Wild Card is wholly different than Adorn in tone, but just as witty and engaging.


How to see Wild Card at CineKink

Wild Card is playing in the DIY Afterglow program, which is good news because it screens on a set day AND for a full week as “video on demand.”


  • Sunday, May 8: All day on demand
  • Monday May 9 – Sunday May 15: All days on demand (as part of the Bring It!/DIY Afterglow program


Tickets available through CineKink’s BoldType Tickets Service. You’ll get instructions on how to watch via PinkLabel.tv.


CineKink NYC 2022 trailer

Check out what else this great festival offers!

CineKink 2022 – the kinky film festival! from CineKink on Vimeo.


Wild Card trailer

Check out the very spicy trailer for Wild Card here!


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