Wild Card - coming soon

About the film

A daring card game starts with exploring forgotten parts of the body. Their fun romp quickly becomes heated.

About Wild Card – coming soon


A daring card game starts with exploring forgotten parts of the body.


Bishop and Kali play together in this totally unchoreographed erotic experience based in their natural and fun chemistry together.


Hidden around the set are playing cards, each with a surprising nonsexual body part, like “elbow.”


The rule: “Play with that body part until you feel done; then choose another card.”


True to the game, their fun romp quickly becomes heated. This explicit movie is full of warmth at the same time.

Show Cast



Kali Sudhra

Bishop Black


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Wild Card features music by Dutch electro-pop band Sheila & The Kit.

Show Trivia
  1. Wild Card is director Jennifer Lyon Bell’s second erotic game movie. The first one, Adorn, was so much fun she wanted to do another.
  2. Bishop Black starred in Jennifer’s Virtual Reality movie, Second Date.
  3. If you’d like to hear Bishop Black on stage telling more about why he likes to work in porn/erotic movies, you can watch him in the taped livestream of the recent Blue Artichoke Films re-launch, Adventures In Intimacy!

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