Flair’s Sex & Brains issue features Jennifer

Posted on June 28, 2011

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

It's great to see the media showing that intelligence and sex aren't mutually exclusive (of course!). Belgium's fashion magazine Flair features Jennifer in their "Sex & Brains: Women With a Diploma and Burning Ambition" article.

This week, Belgium’s fashion magazine Flair features Jennifer in their “Sex & Brains: Women With a Diploma and Burning Ambition” article.

Also featured are Gitte, a sex shop product manager, and Kaat, who studies sexology and is writing her dissertation on pubic hair.

Jennifer talks about the first time she filmed sex, the reason she actually enjoys awkward moments in movies, and what she looks for in potential actors and actresses.

The issue is on newsstands now.

Also check out the hilarious denim jumpsuit that’s part of her new look!

Thanks, Flair!

Flair magazine with Jennifer Lyon Bell
Flair magazine’s article “Sex and Brains” features erotic director Jennifer Lyon Bell
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