Open call: Perform in Marina Abramovic nude performance art

Posted on November 1, 2023

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Become part of performance art history by applying to the Stedelijk Museum's open call for nude performance artists

Physical time-based art by Marina Abramović


It was an incredible experience for me to perform a few years back at the contemporary art museumThe  Stedelijk (Amsterdam) a few years back in Tino Sehgal’s “This Situation.” The piece required a lot of training, intellectual focus, and physical coordination. It seems I’m on the mailing list now for artists who are up for such challenges! And this one, for internationally renowned performing art Marina Abramovich, requires full nudity.


Perhaps one of you would be interested?



Open Call for Performing Artists


Location: Amsterdam


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Marina Abramović Studio are seeking practicing artists working in all forms of performance to participate in the Marina Abramović retrospective opening in March 2024.


As part of the show, artists will re-perform a selection of original performances by Marina Abramović solo and in collaboration with Ulay during the full length of the show from March 15 till July 14. The show will include the following works:


Imponderabilia, 1977, Ulay/ Marina Abramović

Luminosity, 1997, Marina Abramović

Art must be Beautiful, Artist must be Beautiful, 1975, Marina Abramović

Counting the Rice, 2014, Marina Abramović

Work Relation, 1978, Ulay/ Marina Abramović




Those with a practice in performance art, dance, and physical theater are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants should have an interest in durational performance and be comfortable interacting with the public. The role is physically and mentally demanding and requires nudity; applicants should feel comfortable being nude in the public galleries of the Stedelijk Museum. This role also asks performers to facilitate in the galleries in support of the reperformance program.


All selected performers will be required to take part in the Cleaning the House workshop, a five-day residential program in the countryside in the Netherlands. During the workshop, participants will be asked to fast and refrain from speaking to bring the body and mind to a quiet state. Participants will be led through a series of long durational exercises to improve focus, stamina, and concentration.

How to apply


The Stedlijk site has all the necessary information for applying.

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