Press release: 8 March 2021 – International Women’s Day



Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021, ethical erotic film company Blue Artichoke Films challenges beliefs about female sexuality and adult film


On March 8 every year, International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. With the IWD 2021 theme of “Choose To Challenge,”  Blue Artichoke Films aims to challenge common beliefs about gender and sexuality. They also challenge the idea of adult film itself with their latest film, ‘Wild Card’.




Amsterdam, 8 March 2021| Traditionally, women in popular culture are portrayed as interested in romance, and men as interested in sex. Blue Artichoke Films believes that for people of all genders, sex can be a huge part of our lives and what we care about. 

Jennifer Lyon Bell, founder/director: “As a culture we still lack the vocabulary to defy the “typical sexual script”. We generally assume sex consists of the same handful of acts always in the same order. So many people feel isolated and alone because they fear that something is wrong with them. Little do they know that so many other people feel just the same, for no reason! The script is what’s broken, not us.”


In order to expand our script around sexuality, Bell creates fiction films, documentaries, and experimental films that try to challenge the idea that adult film is a simple registration of bodies and sex acts. In order to re-create the full experience of being aroused and having sex, Bell consciously generates sympathy between the film audience and the characters. She carefully selects facial reaction shots so we can “read” how the performers feel, allowing a little bit of genuine human awkwardness between them to shine through. Watching Bell’s films evokes the question: are we watching an adult film? Is this porn? Or is this simply a film featuring genuine erotic connection?



Newest film: Wild Card


Bell’s newest film Wild Card, exclusive to the Blue Artichoke Films platform, is a perfect example of her challenge to ideas about sexuality. Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra star in this playful, improvised film inspired by an intriguing card game. Hidden around the room are playing cards, each revealing a surprising nonsexual body part, like “elbow.” Together the two must devise experiments around the cards, and they creatively explore sensation with shared warmth and good humor. Their collaborations grow more daring, and the heat builds between them. Jennifer Lyon Bell, founder/director: 


“I wanted to show that great sex is truly a shared improvisation, not a fixed menu: Every moment being a surprise, not knowing exactly what will happen next. Through this simple card game, I could divert the actors’ attention away from the typical sexual script. I wanted their improvisation to encourage them to experiment and communicate about other bodily sensations while engaging with the game.”


Wild Card is a follow-up to her popular breakout film Adorn, also an erotic game featuring a completely different game and different couple. Bell’s films provide a distinctly modern approach to sexuality; no longer can we assume we know what our partners want, just because of their gender or presentation.


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About Blue Artichoke Films Blue Artichoke Films is a platform featuring ethically-produced, explicit erotic films, educational and sexy events like workshops and play parties, and sex-positive blog posts.

Blue Artichoke Films makes internationally award-winning artistic, creative erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. Founded by director/writer/producer Jennifer Lyon Bell, she and her team call it “Erotic Film For People Who Like Film.” Their films win awards from art film festivals and adult film festivals alike. Their vision: “Sex is a giant, beautiful, strange, messy, fascinating, fun and thrilling force of nature.”


About Jennifer Lyon Bell

Blue Artichoke Films founder/director Jennifer Lyon Bell speaks internationally as an activist for feminist change around sexuality. She has spoken at the Cannes Lions international advertising organization, at the NVVS national sexology foundation of the Netherlands, and she has served as a “sex consultant” on TV shows and movies to improve portrayals of sexuality  — including being an on-air personality consulting on the Dutch VPRO series “Vieze Film (Dirty Film)” and the Danish Nordisk TV series “Mor Laver Porno (Mums Make Porn”).


Wild Card and Adorn are exclusively available from the Blue Artichoke Films platform, The other films can be found at retailers worldwide.


Journalists are welcome to contact us for a screener. If you are interested in collaborations or promotions, please get in touch.



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