Supperclub features Matinée and Headshot

Posted on June 30, 2010

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Featuring visual art, performance art, film, dance, spoken-word, poetry, presentations, talk shows, debates, and social networking, Supperclub's "Slave Arts & Culture" evenings are all the rage. We're pleased to be invite to screen our movies there in person.

The last time we were invited to a party at decadent lounge restaurant/nightclub Supperclub, we fantasized that they’d show supersexy movies and that the reclining partyers would all get a little out of hand.
Okay, that might not exactly happen, but half our dream has come true. The infamous lounge club/restaurant Supperclub will feature Matinée and Headshot at their inherently sexy venue.

It’s part of their SLAVE ARTS & CULTURE PROGRAM produced and curated by Dimitri Madimin. SLAVE is a weekly evening program with arts, culture, music and food, a place, a space for visual art, performance art, film, dance, spoken-word, poetry, presentations, talk shows, debates, and social networking. Guest DJ The Daisy Age DJ will be spinning 60’s/70’s music, just the way we like it.


WHAT: Special SLAVE dinner price €15 w/reservation, or €50 for 4-course banquet, or just come for drinks.
WHEN: Sunday July 4
TIME: Doors open 19h, dinner starts 19h30, films start 20h, dancing till 1h
WHERE: Jonge Roelensteeg 21, Amsterdam. Call 020 3446400 for more info
NOTE: Mention password ‘SPRETCH’ to get in for free! (otherwise €5 entrance fee)


More info is available on SLAVE’s Facebook page.

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