New film casting sessions in Amsterdam and Europe

Posted on April 2, 2011

By Jennifer Lyon Bell

Audition now for our new arthouse erotic film, Silver Shoes, in Europe. We'll be traveling to a few countries to find the perfect pair with just the right chemistry. Because we all know that chemistry is everything.

As some of you already know, we had an unexpectedly great initial casting session for our new arthouse erotic film, Silver Shoes,  a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam.


That being said, we’re taking our sweet time finding the right mix of people for both the lead roles and the secondary roles. So there’s still plenty of time to apply if you are interested. In upcoming sessions we will do both solo auditions and duo auditions as we continue our search to find the right combination of performers for all the main roles. That’s because we can think someone is perfect for a role, but if we don’t find the perfect partner for them, the puzzle pieces won’t fit together.


Men and women are both welcome.




  • 1. Lead female character, age 18-40
  • 2. Secondary female or male character:  Her best friend, age 18-40
  • 3. Secondary roles, male and female, including one larger male secondary role, age 18-40 (flexible).

For those that read the previous Casting Call: One thing we have decided to alter, inspired by the great men who showed up to our initial casting session, is the gender of the “best friend” character. This character may still be a woman, as originally planned, but we are open to men in that same best friend role.


All sexual orientations are welcome. All roles are very flexible at this point, and can be written to suit the right actor/actress. The only exception is the lead female role, which is also flexible but will involve a male/female scene, so female auditionees need to be comfortable with that.


Also, if you’re based outside Amsterdam or even the Netherlands, but are truly interested, give us a shout. We are making a couple of jaunts for additional casting, so we might be in your town soon.


The revised casting call is below, please check it out and feel free to forward. And be sure to check out the “About” section of our website, since that’s where you can learn much more about our principles and what you can expect in making a film with us.


Casting: Lead actress & supporting roles for arthouse erotic film

We are seeking a lead actress and several secondary roles for a new film. This arthouse erotic film follows the lonely  –and eventually joyful –story of a young woman who finds that she has an unusual erotic fixation: Though she does not want to be seen, she craves being naked while other people are clothed. It’s a solitary existence until she finds another friend who may share the same feelings and sense of adventure.


This film will be a blend of traditional cinematic fiction and intimate, authentically realistic explicit lovescenes –much as in our award-winning film Matinée. Think 9 Songs with more narrative, or a more erotic Shortbus. The focus of each lovescene is on the main female character’s emotions in relation to the story, and each lovescene will present a “story-within-a-story” such that the relationship between her and the other character changes and shifts during the actual lovescene.


The final story/script, including the specific situations, will be developed in collaboration with the lead actress so that it can be tailored to her comfort level and to her chemistry with the other actor(s) and actress(es). Her preferences will be foremost in choosing the other performers.


Auditions will be held in spring/summer in Amsterdam as well as select other European cities.


    • 1. Lead female character, age 18-40
    • 2. Secondary female or male character:  Her best friend, age 18-40
    • 3. Secondary roles, male and female, including one larger male secondary role, age 18-40 (flexible).

For all of these roles we are seeking actors and actresses who:



  • 1. Can honestly explore the psychology of characters’ sexual boundaries, whether through traditional acting exercises, experimentation during rehearsals, or by simply being brave enough to take emotional risks.
  • 2. Are attractive. Though not necessarily in a traditional way! As long as you are happy with the way you look, we’ll consider you.
  • 3. Speak English and/or Dutch. We would like to shoot this film in English if possible, but are open to Dutch and other languages if the casting can work out that way
  • 4. Have strong acting skills. Prior acting experience/training is a big plus, but not necessary if you have natural talent.

We understand completely that most auditionees will never have considered performing in such a film before; thus rest assured that there will be ample opportunity to get to know us and ask questions before auditioning, and (of course) before committing to the role.


Also, please visit our website for lots more detailed information about our mission, our style of shooting, and our principles. We don’t use body doubles, and the website explains why.


Shooting is tentatively planned for fall, but is flexible depending on actor/actress availability.


In preliminary auditions we will prioritize auditions for the lead actress, but welcome interest in the secondary roles and may audition them too.


Later on we will need nonsexual supporting and background actors, but we are not casting for them just yet. However, if you want one of these roles, you are welcome to make your interest known.

How to participate:

If you are interested in auditioning, please send an e-mail to and say a few words about why this project appeals to you. Please clarify which role(s) you are interested in. Attach a photo (normal headshot or snapshot is fine). Be sure to include all your contact info so that we have the chance to sit down and talk with you over coffee in person about the project.




Director, Blue Artichoke Films

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